Sunday, 3 January 2016

How 2015 ended and 2016 begun

Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.
Missed writing so it was only a very short break..........hardly a break at all ........apologies for that last post, feeling sorry for myself isn't something I usually do so thank you  to everyone who said they enjoyed reading about our quiet life, you gave me the kick up the backside I needed to keep writing, which I do enjoy.
 BIG thank you to everyone for the kind comments about Colin after my last post, especially all the people who know someone going through the same thing. I think we both felt a bit down because first we were waiting almost 2 months to find out what was wrong with him, now waiting to find out what needs to be done and I'm not good at waiting....... prefer to be getting on with it.........preferably starting now.......... not hanging around for another fortnight, but we are where we are.

 Anyway, my pen and paper diary has still been written so I can tell you what we've been doing since my last diary post.

On Monday 28th December we went across Suffolk to have a day at our Son and Future D-in-L's home. It's such a treat to be cooked for. Col's brother and Dad were invited as well, it was good to see them as Col's Dad isn't well enough to travel right over to us at Knodishall.

 Tuesday 29th December we were at home catching up on jobs and putting Christmas back in it's box, sealed and labelled to move to Ipswich. Col got the front loader on the tractor to take the last 3 builders bags of split logs into the shed.

 Wednesday 30th December we travelled down to Finchingfield in Essex to visit friends. We had a present swap and delicious food - I could quite get used to eating out at friends and relatives! We walked down into the village for a breath of fresh air. Although our friends will not be affected  -they will actually have a much quieter time - there is a   Huge debate going on in the village  because the bridge over the river is due to be closed for at least 4 months for replacement, with a 13 mile detour to get from one side to the other for small vehicles and 28 miles detour for big lorries -  4 months seems a long time. There is a petition in the village for a temporary bridge as several of the businesses depend on tourist trade which could be seriously affected.

Thursday 31st New Years Eve. A lovely bright day. I stripped the spare double bed - no one else coming to stay before we move- and our youngest came to collect it. They have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 7 months since their bed frame fell to bits.

New Years Day. Sorry but there are NO resolutions or NO challenges of any sort to read about on this blog. Just an ordinary quiet life adjusting to living on savings, coping with illness and moving house.
  The wind was in the right direction at last for Col to burn up a whole load of rubbish including an old armchair, sawdust from wood cutting and the top part of the tree - all ivy- that came down in the wind a few weeks ago. He did all the shifting with the mower trailer and tractor but was still shattered when he'd finished. I did boring ironing, boring sorting of last years paperwork in our filing system (bottom drawer of dresser) and boring filing-in-the-right-place of the papers that needed keeping! Actually it was good to get these jobs done so not really boring AND while sorting I re-read the pension gumph that Col got about his County-Council pension and I think he can get the whole amount at age 60 - in 2017 - rather than just 75% (which is how we had interpreted it on first reading) and as its currently standing at about £11,000, that will make a HUGE difference to how far the savings will stretch.
Watched the 5th episode of Dickensian and the Sherlock special -which left me totally confused but no nightmares afterwards - thank goodness.

Saturday 2nd January. Because we are leaving the bookshelves that are all fixed to the walls in the hall, we rounded up the three old stained-wood shelves that Col made years ago (one was in the craft room, one in the front porch and one out in the campsite recreation room) and trundled them up to the work shop where Col will sand them down - a bit at a time - and - hopefully- cover the dark wood-stain with light paint. At least that's the plan - is there a paint that will cover wood-stain? Anyone know?

Sunday 3rd January. After turning the mattress on our bed last week and finding the cover had split even more than a month earlier we decided to catch the tail end of the Dreams sale and go and get a new one. Do you know that you can pay over £1,000 for a mattress? Luckily we found one for a lot less than that - phew! Hope this mattress lasts as long as the old one as we think we've had that 13 years. Delivery due 12th so not too long to wait

So here we are up to date.
Apologies again for that self-pitying, down-in-the-dumps post. I'm feeling more up beat now. Ready to get on with what ever is thrown at us and anyway I've got books to read, dishcloths to knit, cards to craft and pennies to be stretched.

Back Tomorrow - almost definitely!

PS I've started a new page - Books read 2016. Will I top the 102 read in 2015?


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