Sunday, 24 January 2016

Grey Sunday Morning

A really nasty morning here this morning - Fog, drizzle and very grey and gloomy. No plans to go far today. I hope we don't get those HUGE snow storms  that they have on the East Coast of the USA. Hopefully by the time the weather system has crossed the Atlantic (if it's coming this way) the temperatures will have turned the snow to rain - but then we don't want that amount of rain on the already saturated countryside in Scotland and the North of England either.

I spent an hour yesterday shifting things from my garden shed into the big shed where we are putting all the outside stuff that we're taking with us. I had thought about maybe sowing a few veg seeds to have plants to take with us but maybe that's just making things a bit too complicated, so all the pots and seed trays I want have gone into one water butt and lots of other smaller bits into another. That should make it easier to put them on our trailer. We're moving all the outside stuff ourselves to save money and I want to get it all collected together in one place.
Then I packed another box of books. The dining room is filling up with boxes and the shelves are emptying.

One of the blokes that Col once supervised when he was a County Council bridge inspector, called in this morning to say goodbye as he had heard that we were moving to Scotland - where on earth did that rumour come from! He didn't know that Col had cancer so that news hadn't got around the workmen yet - it will now! It's very depressing to hear of all the money wasted now the workmen are contracted out to a private company. He told of a sweeper lorry that travelled from Welwyn Garden City to Suffolk - on 2 separate days to do half an hour of road sweeping each time. The company will charge the council for two lots of 12 hours when it was just one hours work. How can that be cost effective - it's MADNESS and surely a waste of our Council Tax.
I need to reply to some comments from days past and send messages

To my friend Mary In Bath - looked up the details of that book - The Narrow Road..... - sounds too grim for me! ( thank you for the card and thank you S too))

To several people - thank you for the ideas for Col and the chemo side effects. Luckily he hasn't got a metal taste in his mouth just an odd one sometimes and a bit sore and dry. He has tried the pineapple idea which is also mentioned in one of his leaflets.

Simon - Carrying books on the bike is not too bad as I used to bike with 2 small children - one in front on a converted cross bar seat and one on the back too!

Bovey Belle - I think the chemo-brain your friend mentioned is also affecting Col as he hasn't felt like reading since his first treatment. I hope he finds something light that appeals among his new books.

Hello Fran and Hazzy - good to hear from you.

To my penfriend D - I hope Michigan isn't affected by as much snow as the East Coast.

Beachcomber - Yes, - Can Any Mother help Me by Jenna Bailey is on my shelves, and soon to go in a box. When I read it a few years ago, I thought what a lovely idea for being in touch with people around the country and now we have blogging which does the same thing in a more instant way.

I think that's sorted out replies, lovely to hear from everyone.

Back Tomorrow


  1. I have to say Sue, if that Big Cloud from America is coming this way I would far rather have snow drifts 10 feet deep than torrential rain as our poor house is struggling already after an entire winter of driving rain.

    I am not at all surprised about the money wasted by the Council. I think that Councils the length and breadth of the country are the same. They have men along the lanes here with LEAF BLOWERS in the Autumn. WHY? The next gale will just undo that work - or, alternatively, do it for them. Likewise I am against verge cutting along lanes - mainly for the wild flowers' sake, but also because it is unnecessary - "they" say they do it for safety reasons - well, cars shouldn't be driving fast along narrow windy country lanes in the first place!

    Sorry that Col has Chemo-brain. Both Annie and Trish got it so I thought it was a common side-effect of the treatment. I gave Trish a subscription to a country magazine so that she could just look at the pictures (out of this world photography) and read short articles. It sounds like the packing is going well anyway. I am terrified at the thought of having to sort our books (yet again!) and pack up the ones which will be going with us.

  2. The Narrow Road to the Deep North is on my list of books to read, but I can't take any sadness right now.

    I wish I had more suggestions for you re the chemo side effects. My husband only had to have 4 treatments over 12 weeks so I really don't recall much in the way of foods that he could or couldn't tolerate. I do remember a nurse telling me that he needed extra protein - rich foods, but that was because he had had a major surgery prior to the chemo (he lost his left lung). I seem to remember that he enjoyed yogurt, though. Maybe something cool and creamy like that would taste good to Col?

    Anyway, wishing you a nice day despite the gloomy weather!

  3. Gorgeous day here, we have thrown open all the doors and windows, and are enjoying the sunshine.

  4. Dull day here, too, Sue. Using it to do housework, not worth going out and housework is exercise, is it not?
    Margaret P

  5. Gales and heavy rain due tuesday, I think. Hope you all batten down the hatches!

  6. Our low cloud is lifting it is very mild out there, I would much prefer a few feet f snow to a few feet of rain, our ground is draining well, we have a met office warning for rain Tue/Wed really dont need it although often it just affects N.Wales and not us as it is a lot wetter up there I dont mind that. good idea using the water butts to move garden stuff in, its surprising how much you can get in them. :-)

  7. Dismal day here too Sue, although mild and not raining.

  8. We has Very cold weather for some time with weather turning to get a Bit wärmer since yesterday. Just finished One book of the Maisie Dobbs' series, with the next one waiting... My next book though will be "An Anthropologist In Mars" by Oliver Sacks.

    Hope you get to rest some today!!

  9. It's disgraceful what some government departments get up to. I sincerely believe these must a kestrel are made by people who have never actually done the job so they have no idea how things work. They may be qualified managers but one size doesn't fit all!

  10. if you exchange contracts on the house before your moving date or if you think the vendor will be willing, why not do what we did and ask if you can move your garden equipment, pots, water butts etc before the completion. We have done this a few times as we have some trees that we never trust the moving company to move and not break the pots.

    Always worth trying the worst they can say is no. it makes life a lot less stressful and then you have the box on the day to fill up if needed or drop off at the house and you can use it as a container if it is wet for any boxes that you cant find a home for...

    Just a thought.

  11. My daughter who recently arrived in Suffolk will probably be hoping for some snow. I don't think her Aussie bones are prepared for any blizzard conditions though. It is bright and sunny here and I long for a cloudy day.

  12. sorry meant to say trailer... think maybe I thought I read horse box, hence I said box...