Monday, 11 January 2016

Beaten to it

I got all ready to write about doing the National Lottery - if that's what it's still called - then discovered I had been beaten to it by dc at Frugal in Norfolk. Actually I should say NOT doing the lottery as we never have, not even a scratch card thing. I didn't even know that they-who-run-it, is it still Camelot?, had added another 10 balls so as to make it even harder to win until the news featured the fact when speaking about last Saturdays draw and the gi-normous amount of money that could be won. Apparently the lottery system crashed as thousands of  people rushed to spend their hard earned cash trying to win.
I've read that you are more likely to be struck by lightening, win an Oscar or become an Olympic Champion than win the lottery.
The only good thing I can say about this backhanded way of  taxing people ( I know that's naive but that's how I think of it) is that it's paid our son's wages for the last couple of years. He is an archaeologist - and lucky to have been employed as one since he graduated. Many people who do an archaeology degree find it difficult to stay in that profession, contracts are short and jobs limited especially since County Councils stopped having their own archaeology departments. His job for  Eighth in the East is Heritage Lottery funded but finishes in September. They are hoping to get funding for another similar project. Fingers crossed for him.

A grey sort of day here today and chillier too. My turn for the doctors this morning - only a prescription review and then a couple of bits of shopping. I managed to leave the cat wormer stuff on the counter at the vets - duh! Popped a bag of bits to the charity shop. A new EACH ( East Anglia Childrens Hospice) charity shop will be opening in Leiston very soon, they were starting to put clothes in today.That will be the 5th charity shop in a fairly small town. The EACH shop is taking over the premises of the Job Centre which has been standing empty for several months - or longer. I don't know if they moved somewhere else in town because if you go online they are still listed at the old place. Heavens knows how someone in town finds a job nowadays.

I'm sure there ought to be a moral to this post............... but have no idea what it is, so will just say

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  1. I did the Lottery once, all those years ago when it first started. I said, well it's new, no harm in trying it once, shelled out £1 and bought a ticket. But I didn't win anything and as I wasn't despearate for an influx of cash, haven't bought another one since. Sometimes when in the local shop I see people shelling loadsamoney on their lottery tickets, scratch cards, cigarettes and alcohol, the sort of money that would keep a family fed for the best part of a week. It really is a tax on the poor, for it is the poor, those who need the money the most who, I think, go in for the Lottery - it gets up their hopes once a week that they will suddenly be transported out of poverty into luxury, but seldom does this happen. So, like you, I've never bought one since that first ticket all those years ago. I do think this is because we truly don't need a huge amount of money to make our lives better. We have just enough to live on, we have a roof over our heads (one that is ours, mortgage free), a car (it's 16 years old this year but we bought it when it had a genuine 900 miles on the clock, it was only a year old and it's a top of the range model so it's kept it's looks and it's not been hammered), we don't owe anyone anything, we have food in the larder, books a'plenty, a comfortable home and can afford the heating bills. We don't spend on foreign holidays which would soon run away with our cash, or have an expensive new car as we only do about 3,000 miles a year now, so why bother spending on a Lottery ticket?
    I am keeping to my resolve to buy two items each time we shop and pop them into the food bank container in the supermarket. We are a wealthy country and we should not have people going hungry, but we have, so I feel we must all do something to help. If we can afford to shop in a supermarket and buy one or two luxuries, then we can afford to buy some things for those less fortunate. And I've resolved for my items not to be bargain basement ones, that would be adding insult to injury. So some nice honey in today and Mr Kipling fruit slices.
    Glad that the Lottery has helped, in a roundabout way, with your son's employment! Margaret P

    1. What a very nice person you are. My mum works at a food bank. X

  2. We stopped when they added the extra numbers,

  3. If we ever buy a lottery ticket I have hubby only by one. If I can't win with one I can't win with a hundred and one. Yep. I'm even cheap when it comes to getting rich. ;)

  4. Haha .... I couldn't find the moral in this post either ... it seems as though there should be .... but it's a good post anyway ;-)

    We have done the lottery on and off since it started, but when the current ticket runs out that will be it for us, no more. Yes they do fund lots of good causes and I think that's what kept me doing it, well that and a few small wins but enough is enough and on a strict budget this year throwing £4 a week away on a gamble is not an option.

  5. I heard on the news that 400 people every second were buying tickets towards the closing time - blimey!

  6. I had no idea they'd added extra balls/numbers whatever until last week. Bill hadn't realised either, so it was news to him.
    We only do the lottery every now and then. I can't be doing with it to be honest, but I'd be very happy if I won! ;o)

    p.s no castle unfortunately. I should actually be Lady Sadie, but I'm not. Bah. It's just not fair ;o) x

  7. I do the lottery. There. I'm out n proud lol
    Just the one go on a Saturday. My ma in law now saves her lottery ticket money and has far more than we've won! But
    I like the dreams!

  8. We did it for about 6 months when it first started then stopped. But if there's a massive kitty then Mark will buy a ticket or in Saturdays case 5. Didn't know about the extra numbers either and the colour and raffle number completely threw us. What's all that about. Not even sure how many numbers you need to win either. I think we got 4 numbers in total all on different lines. So, it wasn't us! xx

  9. Hi there,

    I am Australia...drinking my morning coffee as I type :)

  10. Probably ridiculous, but we only buy a ticket when it is a really big rollover. Not that we ever win! xx

  11. We never buy lottery tickets but we did this past week twice as the jackpot has grown to $1.4 billion!

  12. My daughter is badly wanting to be an archaeologist, so your comments were of specific interest. She is also doing a history component so she can teach to pay the bills