Thursday, 7 January 2016

A bit of weather

We've had an awful wet day here today, got soaked just doing a few jobs outside, like fetching the wood in.
We heard of several roads closed due to flooding and then the wind picked up just to add to the fun.I spent the day looking for more things to go to the charity shop and packing boxes. We had a second quote from a removals company and Col had 2 visitors who called in for a cuppa.  Our youngest and bloke came round for dinner and shared a yummy scrummy joint of lamb,the first we've had for about 4 months, hopefully if I stretch it there will be enough for a proper shepherds pie tomorrow

Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday.
I'll answer a few questions. We will be having removal men shifting everything on the day and my sister and husband, our youngest and bloke and our son and OH will all be able to help before and after we hope. I'm all for roping in as many people as possible so may ask Col's brother to help as he has a towbar and could pull the caravan or trailer if Col isn't well enough. We don't want to have to go backwards and forwards too many times.
Gill......... These are my first pair of Hotter shoes and seem lovely and comfy. I did try sending for some years ago before we had a shop in Ipswich but that was hopeless as they sent the wrong ones - twice and the right size didn't fit anyway! and I did see the answer but I don't think you word of the year should be "can't be arsed either!"
Liz, I'm glad to find someone else who hates buying shoes as everyone else seems to collect them by the dozen!
It's the garage with the yellow window and summerhouse/shed on the right of the picture, both will be used to store stuff in as we have a lot that we don't want to get rid of. We both think that as long as Col gets better we will move to somewhere a bit bigger and rent this little bungalow out. We are really only buying it because it was empty, detached, room for the caravan and on one of the older estates in a nice part of Ipswich. So not so crammed in as some new estates.
Thank you to Mrs LH for that happy info about a friend. Col will have a stem-cell transplant too at the end of the chemo, if everything goes to plan.
That crazy paving patio will definitely go as I shall move it piece by piece myself straight into a skip along with a Leylandii that will cut out the sun and the concrete rockery.

Our boy got himself into the East Anglian Daily Times again, leading a walk around one of the old wartime airbases, a huge crowd turned out. That's him in the bright yellow coat. A good thing he had it  as they had pouring rain round the last part of the walk

Apologies for not replying individually to comments and welcome to Liz, Fast SOS and Genea who are new to following.

Back Tomorrow, if anything exciting happens!


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