Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thrifty Thursday and a not much news day

Yesterday after posting I decided it was time for a new header. It took me an age to remember how to change the picture, I should have made a note as I went along. The blog is heading towards 3 years old and this is my 3rd different header. Thank you to everyone who said they liked it, it's from a postcard.( probably copyrighted - whoops! but I'll do a new one once we've moved house). While typing this I was wondering how many of the blogs I read were around 3 years ago and it's quite a few, but many more are newer writers.

Thank you also for comments yesterday.
In reply :-
 I think Bovey Belle is right about some people getting the best picks in charity shops, I've often thought it would be good to volunteer in one but then sometimes  hear the volunteers talking and they are usually gossiping about the manager or the other volunteers. The Hospice shop in Leiston is the worst for this, there are two women who work there who are always saying quite nasty things about people they know. Not a nice atmosphere to work in.
The reason we have quite large bird feeders is because Col bought some mesh and made them years ago. We wanted some that were quite weighty and wouldn't blow about in the wind. The bottoms are jar lids wired on and the tops are whatever he could find to fit over.
Our son is a lovely fella, drove us nuts as a child as he spent his whole time tormenting his older and younger sisters!The job he has at the moment - working on old World War II USAF bases - is so perfect for him as he did his dissertation for his Archaeology degree on almost the very same subject. I think in a way he would still like to be just digging up interesting things! but there's not much of a living to be made in that sort of archaeology job.

Thrifty Thursday Thoughts - not many
 Cut an inch off the bottom of a pair of Col's trousers and turned them up to stop them getting grubby. They were from a charity shop and I've been getting around to this job for about a year!
Free heat and hot water as usual
Home made bread as usual.
Used our own beetroot, leeks and apples from store.
Reading library books for free
Celery soup from the outside stalks of a very poor quality head of celery.
I gave Col a free hair cut!

I see  Google Friend Connect is doing funny things again. 3 new people - welcome Carolyn, triplebc and Nessas crafty place but numbers are down by 4. Odd.

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