Saturday, 23 January 2016

It had to happen.......

.....................I've had to unpack two boxes that had been packed and taped up. Except that we still couldn't find what we were looking for!
It was all because we had a bill in the post for baling the big bales last summer, we knew we owed it but there was also a bill for 2014's baling and Col knew we had definitely paid for that at the end of 2014. We had the receipt....... somewhere.......but where the heck was all the paperwork for the 2014-15 tax year. So two boxes were opened and searched, with no luck. Then I checked in the box file laying on the desk which I knew held this current tax years bits and there was the folder labelled 2014-15. Ho Hum!
The two boxes that I unpacked  were old ones we'd been given, they've now been repacked into one of the large, better quality boxes from the removal company, so not a complete waste of time.

Thank you for comments yesterday, I will try and remember to do book reviews on here. My first to read is Silent Nights - Christmas Mysteries edited by Martin Edwards. It's one of the British Library Crime Classics.The short stories in this book are mostly by long forgotten authors. I'm very much looking forward to many more old crime fiction that will be republished by them this year and have just gone on the library website and ordered Death On The Riviera by John Bude. BLCC have already done 3 of John Bude's books and they were all a good read and didn't come across as too dated.

We watched the second episode of Shetland last night and the story still didn't finish. I'm also  watching Dickensian when it doesn't clash with something else but I'm getting worried that there may not be happy endings for some of the characters!

No other news of note except to welcome Jennifer who is a new follower

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