Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tuesday trip

Col delivered all the sacks of birdseed and peanuts yesterday afternoon, everybody knew he was coming.....nobody had any money in the house......everybody will bring the money up later in the week! We often used to find campers arriving on site with no money to pay for their pitch and it really seems as if we are heading towards a cash-less society. That was one of the questions the new owners asked us last week "do campers pay by card?" but as far as I know it costs quite a lot to get a card reader thingy like shops and businesses have so we always asked for cash - or cheques, but preferably cash! I suppose if we do become cashless everything will be done by phone app or by waving a card. We advised the new owners to ask for payment on arrival, not because people go without paying but if you wait for people to pay when they leave you are never really sure what time they are going.

Today was yet another trip to hospital for Col to have a post chemo blood test, which sounded as if it shouldn't take long. What they didn't tell him last week was that you then have to hang around for a couple of hours to wait for the results to check that you don't need to go on a drip for an hour ( no idea what the drip would be, he didn't ask!) anyway we went to Lidl and B&Q in between times. We've bought a small dehumidifier to use in the shed at the bungalow where we will be storing lots of things and I treated myself to a £2 bunch of white tulips from Lidl, we can't buy flowers at this price anywhere locally.

Bird expert needed! Are these just female chaffinches? though they don't seem quite the right shape or something more interesting. We've seen these two on the niger seed feeder several times but they never seem to be facing the right way, I think they have a slight pink tinge on their fronts. I thought about bramblings but not bright enough colourings. Someone will know I'm sure and I'll keep trying to get a better photo.

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. I love sharing a book title and hearing about other people who've read it or forgotten all about the author. It's funny how scarey proper librarians were back in those days. The chief librarian - Mr Fordham used to peer at people over the top of his half glasses and we though Miss Patterson a real old battleaxe although she probably wasn't even 40 when I started work. The hours we worked were awful - 2 long days a week until 7pm one of which would be either Friday or Saturday and either half a day or one and a half days off each week. We even worked 'til 7 on Christmas eve and New Years eve if it was our night to work. Happy Days? maybe not!

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