Friday, 29 January 2016

The end of another week

How does it get round to Friday so quickly and why did it take longer to get to the end of the week when I was at school? ( don't answer that as I know it's an age thing!).

Nothing of any note to post about really.
 I've packed a couple more boxes, put another book and some tea plates in the charity shop bag. Which reminds me, Thanks for charity shop comments. I did know that most charity shops operate the one day rule so that items have to go out on the shelves for a day before volunteers can buy them and I also know that most volunteers are nice people but I can only say what I hear - in two charity shops in Woodbridge the other day I heard ladies moaning about their manager and the 2 ladies who work on Tuesdays in Leiston Hospice shop are always bitching about someone and rarely pause to say Thank You when you take in a donation. The EACH ( East Anglian Childrens Hospice) shop opens in Leiston today. I thought about biking down to see what they had in but it's blowing a gale, quite chilly and I wanted to listen to Andy Murray's semi-final from the Australian Open. I need milk tomorrow so I'll go and have a look then.

We had a lovely card and letter in the post yesterday from a penfriend who reads this blog. Her husband was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma 23 years ago, had chemotherapy and was declared completely clear 10 years later and is still well. That's the sort of letter that cheers up a grey day. So thank you SW in Birmingham for the letter and the gift. Much appreciated.

Back Tomorrow


  1. How lovely and what a boost to get that letter from a friend with such positive news.

    Re charity shops....I think some of them, certainly the big chain ones, are beginning to price themselves out of existence. Some of their prices for second hand goods are what you'd pay for new stuff in the non-charity shops. I'm all for supporting charity shops - we donate lots of stuff to them and buy quite a bit too - but I think some are just getting greedy.

  2. That, indeed, was good news for you to receive, Sue! Let's make Fridays a Good News Only day from now on, tee-hee! We need one of those each week, don't we?
    It's blowing a gale here, too, in the South West. Even taking the washing to the tumble dryer in the garage (which is below our sitting room, not far to go but it means going outside to do this; our house occupies a sloping site, steep at the front, but level at the back) my husband had to don waterproofs just for that small task. Fortunately, we took advantage of a break in the weather when, yesterday, there was blue sky and sunshine for a couple of hours, and we took sandwiches and a flask of coffee and went to a favourite place - albeit in the car - and enjoyed a lovely sea view while having our impromptu lunch.
    Margaret P

  3. We don't have very good "charity shops" close to where we live. There is one called Value Village in a town about 40 minutes away. I have donated items to it, but rarely find anything that I want, especially not clothes. I remember finding fabulous things back in my university days when living in a larger city. We would put our own slant on outfits and look very avante guard! (or so we thought). -Jenn

  4. I hope that your pen friend`s kindness and her positive story has given you both a much needed boost.

    Our local small town has some good charity shops. If they ask too much for things ( especially china or "good label" fashion), it is often ignored by buyers and then appears reduced the following week.

  5. How lovely to receive such a positive letter, we hear the down side so often, ask Col to get his treatment over and then start living his life again.

  6. Great news from your friend, I am sure that that cheered you! Love your new header by the way! Loved the old one too! xx

  7. That's great news and I hope it's given you and Col a boost. Just after my HA a school mum told me her aunty had a HA around my age and she lived well into her 80's. I could have kissed the woman in the playground, it just made me feel so much better.

    I didn't know that charity shops had a one day rule. That's what I love about blogs, you can learn so many interesting things. I don't expect charity shops are that different from any other workplace (even if they're not getting paid), clash of personalities, people wanting to be in charge, thinking they know better etc. so I can well believe what you've heard. xx

  8. Pleased you got such a boost Sue (amd Col) - just what you need.
    Andy is through to the final = good news!

  9. I am sure that outcomes for people with nhl are getting much much better. My mum had it and though she died,albeit 28 years ago she lived with it for 9 years. Her consultant said then that life expectancies were getting longer and longer. I know that the news you received today will boost you two. Xx

  10. It is lovely that a letter came at the right time.
    I forgot to say how much I love your new header.

    cheers, parsnip