Friday, 29 January 2016

The end of another week

How does it get round to Friday so quickly and why did it take longer to get to the end of the week when I was at school? ( don't answer that as I know it's an age thing!).

Nothing of any note to post about really.
 I've packed a couple more boxes, put another book and some tea plates in the charity shop bag. Which reminds me, Thanks for charity shop comments. I did know that most charity shops operate the one day rule so that items have to go out on the shelves for a day before volunteers can buy them and I also know that most volunteers are nice people but I can only say what I hear - in two charity shops in Woodbridge the other day I heard ladies moaning about their manager and the 2 ladies who work on Tuesdays in Leiston Hospice shop are always bitching about someone and rarely pause to say Thank You when you take in a donation. The EACH ( East Anglian Childrens Hospice) shop opens in Leiston today. I thought about biking down to see what they had in but it's blowing a gale, quite chilly and I wanted to listen to Andy Murray's semi-final from the Australian Open. I need milk tomorrow so I'll go and have a look then.

We had a lovely card and letter in the post yesterday from a penfriend who reads this blog. Her husband was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma 23 years ago, had chemotherapy and was declared completely clear 10 years later and is still well. That's the sort of letter that cheers up a grey day. So thank you SW in Birmingham for the letter and the gift. Much appreciated.

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