Thursday, 14 January 2016

The beginning

This morning we went to hospital for Col to have the bone marrow sample taken. We were told 2 weeks ago that if they had a bed he would stay in and they would start the chemotherapy and he needed to be an in-patient overnight for the first treatment to check for allergic reactions.
Did they have a bed, yes but probably not until after lunch. We decided we would wait at the hospital.
Ten minutes after I had gone to put more money in the car park machine, we were told yes, he could go straight to the ward, so he checked in and I came home.

Just had a phone call from him to say I might have to go and pick him up again tonight as they may not do everything they planned at this first session. So I await a phone call for the 25 mile trip back to Ipswich again. Ho Hum!

Blimey, it's turned cold,wet and very, VERY windy. I hope that I can keep the fire alight if I do need to go and fetch Col later. I've got two cats curled up in the living room, both snoring gently neither will want to go far outside now.

I had photos of snowdrops and a primrose on yesterdays post and someone asked if they were early and yes they are well ahead of normal because of the mild winter we have had so far. Now it's gone cold they will stop growing for a while I reckon.
Dc at Frugal in Norfolk asked if the new owners wanted to extend the kitchen because I said I had to photocopy planning permissions etc and send to the solicitors. No, they want copies of the permission and completion certificates from when we had the new kitchen  and bedroom extension built in 2011. I thought I had already sent them and don't really know why they want them again. They were also querying the windows that were replaced in 2010 and 2011. Goodness knows why. I assume it's just their solicitor being pernickity and not the new owners looking for problems to get the price down, they seemed too nice for that.
And to answer Sandy expat, no we didn't make the tree men a cuppa. They were right up the top of the field and on the land under the pylons so too far away really and there were several men in  3 vans. They were working for National Grid. When ever we have anyone working here for us I always find a cuppa and cake on arrival helps the work get going really well!

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