Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wednesday odds and ends

Thank you to everyone who said that the birds in yesterdays photo were Redpolls, we would never have thought of that because the picture in our RSPB bird book shows them more highly coloured.We looked on line at various pictures of Redpoll some looked to be a good match to our birds and others different. I've not seen them back today to get another look.

When we got home from Ipswich yesterday the house seemed extra cold despite the Rayburn having been banked up with coal  and even after we'd got the living room wood burner going I still couldn't get warm. I went upstairs a few hours later and found out why - I'd forgotten to shut the bedroom window when I got up- stupid woman!

Bread baking today, just 3 ordinary white loaves as the cheap malted wheat  flour that came from Approved Food several months ago has come to an end. I've also made 3 pastry cases and filled one for a quiche for lunches for the next few days plus I made a veggie curry for dinner tonight. We've not had curry for weeks due to it giving Col awful indigestion but as the indigestion is now bad all the time he said we might as well give it a go, and everything tastes odd to him at the moment anyway - yet another side effect of chemotherapy.

The car was due for it's MOT test just when he is next due in hospital so he took it in early and went this morning and thank goodness it passed, one less thing to think about. I start to feel panicky when I think of all the things that have got to be organised for moving but the box packing is going along nicely and we have quite a lot of empty bookshelves.

This afternoon was bright and sunny so I headed out for a walk, haven't walked far for a couple of months so I just headed down to the church via a field path, took a couple of photos to share on here and came back again.
Knodishall - St Lawrence church - a church without a village as there are just 4 large houses close to the church and the actual village which is known as Knodishall should really be called Coldfair Green and is just about a mile away. Our road, although part of Knodishall is almost a separate hamlet of 12 houses just over half a mile from the church.
I suppose at some time these buttresses were added all down this side to prop up the wall. I zoomed in on the  waterspout on the top of the tower and now I can see where someone got the idea for The Simpsons!

The church is quite small and stands in a lovely churchyard. Our son and fiancee plan to marry here in December so we will be back for that.

Welcome to Carolyn who is new to following.

Back tomorrow


  1. Thats a pretty church
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. What a beautiful church. Is it kept locked? I bet its cold inside there, with or without windows open!

  3. Been a lovely day here too, I've spent most of it since 11am out. The evening colours were superb, golden pink skies.

  4. great news on the MOT I think of MOT's like going to the dentist what are they going to find wrong and how much is it going to cost :-)

  5. How interesting - a church without a village. I wonder if the village was at sometime built of less permanent structures? This type of thing fascinates me.

  6. Looking at those photographs Sue - what a lovely day you are having.

  7. Some churches without villages in Dorset are all that are left of abandoned plague villages.

    A relief that your car passed its MOT.

    About the redpolls - the female ones that are currently visiting us have very subtle colouring - just a hint of red on the crown. The boys have slightly brighter colouring. Pretty little birds with a forked tail.

  8. Beautiful blue sky above the church, we had a lovely blue sky here too, with lots of sunshine. Didn't get rid of all the frost though, it was still very cold.

  9. Thank you for making me laugh out loud...the Simpsons' character indeed!

  10. What a lovely church and how exciting to have a wedding to look forward to. Glad the car has passed its MOT. Wish I had a remedy to offer for Col's indigestion, tablets are a right royal pain for causing it. Hope you both enjoyed the curry. xx

  11. The annual MOT is always a worry isn't it, glad you passed! Well, the car that is! I hope that someone can offer Col some help with the treatment side effects. Do you have a macmillan nurse would could assist? Hope that you can keep enjoying lovely walks. xx

  12. How lovely that your son is getting married in this beautiful church and that you enjoyed a nice walk in the bright sunshine.

    I do enjoy your blog whatever you write about.

  13. Lovely photos :-)

    Glad your car passed it's MOT it's always a worry isn't it, mine is due for it's first one in a couple of months, I'm already wondering if everything will be okay.

  14. Great pictures, enjoyed watching them!!