Saturday, 16 January 2016

A sprinkle of snow

Goodness me, we had a cold start to the day today. Although the thermometer on the outside of the kitchen window said 2 degrees C it felt chillier because the weather has been so mild so far this winter. I put a bit of washing out and then we had a sprinkling of snow, luckily it only lasted 10 minutes before the sun came back.
Hardly enough snow to see
I had thought about a bike ride to Leiston to see if the EACH charity shop has opened yet, but staying in seemed a much nicer idea and two fires lit early to warm the house and hot soup for lunch soon had us nice and warm.

Today's packing was two boxes of books because the removal company have supplied special  boxes that are much smaller, I can get started on all the books I know we won't need between now and moving. I'm sorting out a big pile for Col to read when he has all the days in hospital being pumped full of chemicals. Talking about books I've finished another book in the historical crime series by Maureen Ash. That's three read one after the other. I think they are a good read and wonder why they weren't published here but all six are published by Berkley Crime, New York. Thank heavens it's library van day next Friday, there are a big pile for both of us awaiting collection, in my pile are several new books by favourite authors.

When I went to Tesco during the week I was pleased to see they had their broccoli/calabrese heads back at 49p each after they went up to 69p over Christmas, it's one of my favourite veg and so versatile. We had about a quarter as small sprigs in a mixed stir fry, a half for dinner tonight as part of a salmon,broccoli  and pasta bake and there is still some left to use as a veg accompaniment for Monday dinner.

Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday and welcome to Laurie M and Tracy G who are new in the followers pictures.

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