Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bits and Bobs, Birds and Books.

Thank you all for so many interesting and helpful comments yesterday, food for thought.

We listened to Radio Suffolk yesterday to hear our son talk about the work he is doing recording the details of what's left of the Air Force base at Martlesham on the edge of Ipswich. He is teaching volunteers from the General Public how to record historic buildings. Each week for the next couple of months he'll be doing the same thing at all the airfields that were used by the USAF 8th in East Anglia. He then came over here for dinner and to bring a couple of loads of washing because their washing machine packed up. Mums are still good for doing the washing even when their children have been moved away for more than 10 years! He brought a beautiful bunch of flowers as a thank you, there were enough for two jugs absolutely gorgeous!
While here he helped Col move a few heavy things onto the trailer ready for moving to the bungalow and other stuff into the horse box trailer for storage.

I fancied a trip out so went to Woodbridge this morning, stocked up on more prunes from The Grape Tree and did a tour of most of the charity shops. A few years ago I would have relished a morning wandering round the shops but the chances of finding anything exciting in charity shops has diminished so much that's it's hardly worth the effort. All I picked up was a hardback copy of Agatha Christies "And Then There Were None' from the Oxfam Bookshop for £1.99.
 This was on TV over Christmas but we didn't watch it and I'd not read it. I hadn't realised this was originally called " Ten Little Niggers" and when that was a word that wasn't polite to use it was changed to "Ten Little Indians" which then again had to be changed. The TV film must have renewed interest in the book as there is a new paperback edition coming out next month.

Ipswich hospital join with MacMillan Cancer Care and Suffolk County Council to provide help and information for people with cancer and after a call from Col's link nurse, she sent forms and a phone number and Col rang it yesterday and it looks as if we are entitled to a bit of money - Good news indeedy! We thought that because we have savings we wouldn't qualify but maybe we do. Lots more phone calls, forms and information to sort and a meeting with someone next week, but anything that helps the savings stretch will be good.

 The weather has been really rough here today and the birds have been backwards and forwards to the feeders non stop.

Just wish they'd keep still long enough to get a decent photo.

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