Sunday, 17 January 2016

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I forgot to ask in yesterday's post if anyone had watched the first of the new series of  Shetland on Friday night. I'm sure I read that it was going to be a separate story in each of the 6 episodes, so we were waiting for a rapid conclusion as it got towards 9.45, only to find it carries on next week. I didn't like the scenes of the boy stuck in the container- another thing to put me off travelling in lifts!

Another bright but cold day here today, we had to pop to Aldeburgh to the chemists ( first side effect of Cols's chemo - let's just say it's the opposite of Dash In A Real Rush Hurry Or Else Accident! and we've tried prunes!) so took the opportunity to look at the sea. It was incredibly clear ( not the sea, that was as grey as it always is) and you could see right out to the shipping lanes with the big freight carriers coming out of  the Port of Felixstowe and the wind turbines off the coast.
We drove up to the Slaughden end of Aldeburgh where the most  Northerly Martello Tower ( now a Landmark Trust holiday home) stands between the sea and the river behind it. That's an Anthony Gormley sculpture on top of the tower, not somebody about to jump off! The river doesn't run out at Aldeburgh but several miles away at Shingle Street

 If the sea was to break through the ridge on which the Martello tower stands, it would flow inland across the marshes and would flood much of Aldeburgh turning what was left into an island.

Looking out to sea by the Martello Tower, the huge rocks have been put there to protect the bank  (I can never get the horizon level!)

and turning round to look inland with the river Alde and the flat marshes that stretch inland for several miles
Home for lunch and more of the delicious soup mentioned in Fridays frugal list. I've just looked to see how much a tin of Heinz Cream of  Tomato costs, and it's 95p (though on offer at 50p a tin at Tesco and Asda) which wouldn't have even made 2 big bowls full whereas my recipe makes 4, tastes the same and costs no more than 55p.

This afternoon we'll be watching the first part of the final of the Masters snooker that's been on all week and tonight things clash - Call the Midwife, Snooker or Endeavor. A problem there I think.

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