Monday, 18 January 2016

The naivety of a 16 year old

I hope you enjoyed the local history links yesterday, it's always odd to go down that end of Aldeburgh and know that between the sea and the river there was once enough land  for a small village, but now all washed away.

Yesterday I finished Rose Cottage,
book cover of 

Rose Cottage 

a short fiction book by Mary Stewart that has been sitting on my bookshelves for umpteen years. When I first started working in libraries aged 16 in 1971, she was a very popular author. Her first book Madam Will You Talk was written in 1955 and was followed by several more which I think are classed as romantic suspense. Then she wrote a trilogy of really large 'meaty' books about Merlin and King Arthur. I think it was the first of these, written in 1970, that I enjoyed so much and thought it so good that I can remember asking the old spinsterish reference librarian  Miss Patterson (it was an old fashioned library and we were all called by our surnames!) if she thought it would become a classic. I can still remember her huge hoot of laughter as she said " I really don't think so!" I remember feeling extremely silly.
Front Cover

But look what is say's on the front of a more recent edition " THE FIRST IN THE CLASSIC MERLIN SERIES.
Ha Ha Miss Patterson, not a classic in the sense she meant but maybe I was right after all.

However, Rose Cottage was definitely not a classic and now I've read it I shall add it to the charity shop bag.

The birds need more peanuts and  the feed mill  does a discount for 10+ bags feed.When we had 100 chickens there was never  any problem buying more than 10 bags, so Col asked around everyone we knew locally and we managed to find enough people wanting bird food to take a trip to Framlingham and stock up on peanuts, wild bird seed and 2 bags of chicken feed for our elderly friend who had our last 8 chickens. It's so much cheaper to buy by the sack from the mill rather than tiny little bags from pet shops or garden centres. Col dropped me off in Framlingham so I could do a tour of the 3 charity shops but no pennies left my purse at all.

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