Sunday, 10 January 2016

Oh Dear - More Books and Sunday Shifting

Lots of windy weather here last night and some rain too, but no drop in temperatures like Scotland and Northern England. The forecast is for temperatures going down as the week  goes on. May need to get the long sleeved roll neck tops out for the first time this winter, and it must be winter because Ski Sunday is back on TV.

I spent a couple of hours this morning shifting stuff from the garden shed up to the big shed to try and get all the outside stuff that we're taking into one place. We are leaving more gardening things than originally planned as it's unlikely I'll ever grow 70 tomato plants and a dozen cucumber plants again I don't need to take dozens of  flower pots. We cleared out 3 sacks full of various pots when we had the yard sale. I've no idea how we came to have so many as we never bought any new.

Our youngest gave me an Amazon voucher for Christmas as she couldn't decide which books to get me from my wish list. So instead of buying some old 1p books, I went for a couple of books, recently published and on one of my favourite subjects.

 I've taken 2 more off the shelves and put them in the charity shop bag. The charity shops are doing very well from our downsizing and when you know you've got to fit everything into a very small space or keep it stored in a box in a shed then it's amazing what you find you can do without (and why had I kept an old large cracked Mason Cash mixing bowl when I have an identical perfect one, plus one smaller, in the kitchen?)

Many Thanks for comments yesterday and I think I missed welcoming sammie to the followers.

Now I'm having a bit of feet up session on the settee, had a horrible night of waking dozens of times in a panic thinking "What If?".

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