Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Choosing a book to read - not as easy as you think

The library van didn't come in December as it was due on Christmas day so next visit is not until the 22nd and I've read all my library books except for the two non-fiction on WWII farming and food. The trouble is I'm not in non-fiction mood so I need to read something off my shelves and here is where the problem starts..... too many books to choose from!
How to choose............ first bypass all the non-fiction, still leaves 'quite a few' fiction. Something I've read before - No, so shall I read the second of the Maureen Jennings after reading the first one before Christmas to make sure the set was OK for a friend's gift.
Or, since I've been given the final book to complete a series by Edward Marston, I could now start reading them
Elizabethan Theater
1. The Queen's Head (1988)                                         2. The Merry Devils (1989)  
3. The Trip to Jerusalem (1990)                                      4. The Nine Giants (1991)
5. The Mad Courtesan (1992)                                        6. The Silent Woman (1994)    
 7. The Roaring Boy (1995)                                            8. The Laughing Hangman (1996) 
9. The Fair Maid of Bohemia (1997)                               10. The Wanton Angel (1999)
11. The Devil's Apprentice (2001)                                   
12. The Bawdy Basket (2002)
13. The Vagabond Clown (2003)                                    
14. The Counterfeit Crank (2004)
15. The Malevolent Comedy (2005)                               
16. The Princess of Denmark (2006)

Or I could read another of the ABC crime series by  Sue Grafton,   I'm up to K.
Or maybe try one of the random ex-library crime books I possess by an untried author. 

In the end I plumped for a series by Maureen Ash. These are historical crime by another author who once lived in this country but now lives in Canada. I borrowed the first from a friend and read it, tried to order the next from the library only to find they didn't have any of her books and they are not published in this country. So I put them on my wish list and over the years have collected the next five. Next, look in my Book-of-Books-Read to see which of the series I've read so far, then check Fantastic Fiction to see which one comes next.  Great excitement - there are 2 more that I didn't know about. Look on Amazon to add them to the wish list - Oh Damn - only published for Kindle - bother. Revert to finding the one to read  - A Plague of Poison. 
Settle down on settee only to find it's past 10 O'clock and bedtime.
I'll try again tonight.

Welcome to Sarah, Tina and Sheela who have clicked the google button recently and thanks for all the comments on Free or Not Free - That is the question!

Back tomorrow - I hope



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