Saturday, 18 February 2017

We Have Lift Off!

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4  months after our offer on the cottage was accepted  we will finally be moving  very soon.
Thank goodness.
Before that we are traveling to Addenbrookes Hospital to find out all about the donor stem-cell transplant which Col will have later this year.
We have had an offer for the bungalow. The couple who came round 3 weeks ago and didn't say much have offered on it. Not quite as much as we wanted but it will be off our hands (God Willing) and we will be able to reclaim the extra stamp duty that we had to pay for owning two properties sooner rather than later.
I'll be back on my new blog sometime in March, the link is here below ready for when I return, while I'm off line I'm going to get a new laptop as this one is playing up rather too much now and needs a new battery anyway.

Looking forward to writing at  The Cottage at the End of the Lane. Hope you will stay with me.


Some Folk haven't changed to the new blog and are still looking here to see where I am. We've moved and my blog is The Cottage at the End of the Lane .....The link is above