Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Library Book Photo

I collected a massive pile of books from the library last week.
I said I wanted to re-read Angela Thirkell now that I have the book about the characters, so I ordered several - I think I may have over-ordered  as there are 5 above and the one I'd already started  - should keep me busy. They'll be easy reading through dull February as we wait.
The Lizbie Brown is curious. I read 6 of her books many years back, they were crime mysteries featuring a private detective who had an office over a quilt shop in Bath. Each title was the name of a quilting pattern. The last one was written in 2001 but while fiddling on Fantastic Fiction website I came across this - not in the crime series - Gingerbread Mansion published in 2009. I have no idea what it is.
The book London Shadows by Valery Avery is an old biography, I've read London Spring a while ago.
Christopher Somerville has written dozens of books on walking. I hope this is a good one.
I've read some others by Rafaella Barker ....... time to try another.
The Expert by Bernard Knight is another of the 7 old books of his that have been re-published, some were OK but others  dreadful.

Thanks for comments yesterday, more moving house news next time............I hope

Back very soon


  1. Well that's going to keep you busy for a while. I must have OCD though, because I want to rearrange them from large to small ~lol!

    1. And I want to put all the Angela Thirkell books together.

      Joan (Wales)

    2. Oh dear, now you've both made me want to rearrange and take another photo :-)

    3. Whereas I just want to read them;-)

  2. I spent quite a few hours in our library today, Sue, an had a grand time choosing some new books and reading the newspapers. I didn't bring home as many books as you though! Meg:)

  3. I've been on a bit of an Angela Thirkell tear myself and have Pomfret Tower waiting for me.

  4. I remember that quilt shop in Bath, down a back lane and then into a room full of materials, colour arranged - it existed ;)

  5. I like RB too, her Hens Dancing was a great book, it made me laugh out loud which is a good sign!
    Lisa x