Sunday, 24 May 2015

V.I.P Visitor

 Last week I had a visit from a lovely blogger, well known to many of you out there because she writes so fluently about her life on a Yorkshire farm. Yes, Pat AKA The Weaver of Grass came around with The Farmer for a cuppa while they were on holiday in Aldeburgh. Here we are after a look round the garden, I'm complaining loudly that I'm in baggy shorts and tee-shirt  so  not dressed for photos, but as John at Going Gently would say"Hey Ho!"

The weather wasn't the best for their stay in Suffolk, which was a shame but I hope they enjoyed their visit to the East coast.

Our local car boot sale was on today( and tomorrow because of Bank Holiday). I zoomed up the road to look early this morning and came home with a pair of thinner knitting needles for 50p. Hey Big Spender! Perhaps tomorrow will be more exciting. Although in reality I must only buy things that will be Christmas presents or are wearable or very small.
So why knitting needles? Well, I keep reading blogs about people who have learned to knit and all I can manage is dishcloths. Then I got to thinking that many years ago I taught myself to do Cross Stitch and I've made loads of pictures and presents and there are people who can't cross stitch or are only just learning. Therefore in theory I ought to be able to teach myself to knit something other than a dishcloth. Blogging is very good for opening new doors. Now I just need some wool, a simple pattern and time to watch knitting tutorials on You Tube.

Our youngest and partner ( the one she split up with a few weeks ago!) were here to watch the  Eurovision Song contest and both stayed over, so today before it rained Col got them to help with some heavy shifting and lifting and a few more things have now been tidied up. Our daughter moved back here when they split and  gave up the rental on their house. She has now organised renting a flat and will be moving in to it at the beginning of June. I'm not sure how much together/not together they are. We will see what happens. I gave up on watching the song contest and went to bed, when after several countries voting, the UK had only been given 1 point.

Lots of new followers,on Google Friends - welcome to Hina, A krafty girl and Jan and to Diane and wsheary on Bloglovin'. hope you enjoy reading about our quiet life near the Suffolk coast.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Asking for more for less and odd weather.

The name of the blog has been very apt as life has certainly been quiet since my Monday post. We had 3 nights with no-one on the campsite for a start and the only place I've been is Saxmundham for a bit of shopping. Col has taken the car to the dealers garage today as they have finally got the parts in to do the repairs we wanted done under the 3 month warranty.

The RAC breakdown cover for the car  was due for renewal this month so Col did a bit of on-line research and found a much cheaper quote, with better cover from Green Flag. He rang them to ask a couple of questions but for some reason the lady on the phone couldn't find anything as low as the online quote and said she would find out why and phone back.
We heard nothing more........ doesn't bode well for an emergency breakdown, does it?
He decided to ring the RAC and ask what they could do to match Green Flag and after a bit of negotiating we now have all the cover that Green Flag were offering for a few pounds less than the original RAC renewal cost - Result!

Whatever has happened to the weather?
Over the last few days we have had thunderstorms, hail, heavy rain, really strong cold North East winds with occasional bit of sunshine.
One minute hail, the next blue skies and sunshine
The climbing French beans outside are looking very sad and the broad beans which were about 18" tall were knocked every which way until we staked and tied them upright with a circle of string all round.
I fixed the runner bean canes up the other day  but with this odd weather I was a bit wary about putting the plants out, but they were getting rather tall so  Col decided to get them planted, and the leeks went out too so that's another job done.
In between the rough weather there has been a few hours dry and I was able to get the caravan site cut, we have two families arriving today and then more tomorrow and Saturday for the weekend. We are only allowed 5 caravans/motorhomes and they have been booked in for a couple of weeks but we have been getting phone calls all week for people looking for a pitch, I think they have left it a bit late.

The forecast is actually fairly decent for Bank Holiday weekend so  hopefully we/I will be able to fit in  a visit to a car boot and some reading and relaxing as well as welcoming people to the campsite  and cleaning toilets! Plus of course there is the Eurovision song contest to watch on Saturday night. Hope it's not Nul Points for the UK

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend ( and half term week if you are lucky enough to have the week off work).
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