Thursday, 11 February 2016

Bun cases are smaller than they used to be - Discuss

I was rustling up a batch of sultana buns this morning and decided that since the invention of cup-cakes and the move to muffins, good old fashioned bun cases are smaller than they once were.

Another box packed, another cupboard sorted and 5 small bits of unwanted furniture over to Campsey Ashe ready for Mondays auction.

I don't know if it's the same where you've been but we've had a beautiful day here today. There was a bit of  spring in the air and a little warmth in the sun, providing you were indoors!
Outside the red catkins on the red hazel are all showing and the primroses under the quince trees are spreading.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wednesday - A List

Thank you for all the interesting comments about so called artisan foods. I'm going to be searching the shelves for them from now on.......not to buy them.......but just to see what silly prices are charged!

We've been to hospital again this morning for what will be regular twice weekly blood tests for Col. Each test involves waiting for results and then any other treatment needed. We hope if he feels OK he will go on his own as I need to crack on with packing. We are still waiting for confirmation that solicitors will be able to manage a 9th March completion.
As well as packing there are all the other things to do
  • Taking some unwanted furniture to the auction market
  • Try and organise a carpet for the bungalow between exchange and completion
  • Taking the car in to get the Cam belt done (they are being so kind and loaning us a car for free while they do it, in case they can't get it done in one day)
  • Getting our youngest to sort out the stuff we have of theirs still in the shed after 10 months!
  • Finish loading the flat trailer with the garden and workshops things we will need
  • Finish loading the horsebox trailer with the garden and workshop things that we don't need
  • Baking
  • Breadmaking
  • Working out how to get a settee to our sons house
  • Notifying seemingly 1001 places of the new address
  • Organising final meter readings
  • Arranging redirection of post at the Post Office
  • Getting some photos done for new driving licenses
Oh heck, now I've written this down it looks even worse than I thought. It's 23 years since we moved and I'm sure it's got more complicated.

If I don't post everyday you will know why!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Moving news and last nights TV

 from google images

We've been puzzling about moving dates because the original plan was March 16th which would be when Col should be due for a blood test  on the day before his next 3 day stay in hospital for chemo. We didn't see how we could ask to move it to an earlier date because our buyers were waiting to get some of the money they needed and moving later would clash with Easter. So it was a lovely surprise this morning when the Estate Agent phoned to ask if we would like to do completion on the 9th as our buyers had been able to arrange for the money earlier. That will make life so much easier as Col would be feeling well for a week in the new home to help me get things sorted before disappearing off to hospital. The removal company can do the 9th so as long as both lots of solicitors can organise everything that should be the day.

 Did you see last nights episode of  Supershoppers? They were looking at some of the so called "artisan products" available. Packed in rustic brown paper packages with labels that look home produced but they turn out to be made by some of the biggest companies, Dorset Cereals were one example. They are packed in small boxes with a 'country look' packaging. BUT they are owned ABF - Associated British Foods who also make Jordans cereal, dozens of other products and own Primark. Another product they featured were Teapigs - which I hadn't heard of but they are very posh teabags and come in small packs looking as if they were made in someones kitchen. BUT they are owned by Tata - one of the biggest companies in the world (they also produce steel and cars). The presenters put some Heinz baked beans into dinky kilner-type storage jars, tied them up with string and a paper label and took them out on the streets to see what people would be willing to pay for "artisan beans".............the answer?...........anything up to £5!
I suppose you pay you money and you take your choice but a lot of people are paying much more  just because of the packaging or because they assume they are buying from a small local company.

Last week they were talking about Gluten Free Foods. They found that many products labeled as GF and  found on the "Free From" shelves at a high price are often exactly the same as the ordinary product on the normal shelves which are gluten free anyway.

Once upon a time shopping was simple!

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