Saturday, 25 October 2014

Value cheese - taste warning and a morning out

I saw this in Tesco, new to their value range and for £1 thought it was worth a try

OH Yuck and very yuck, really nasty.
Something seriously wrong with the taste. Not like any blue cheese I have ever tried before.
 I was debating whether to chuck it or if I could hide it in a quiche and had left it in the fridge. C opened the fridge told me it stank and threw it on the fire!
On reflection I think that was probably the best place for it.

Our morning out was to the Wyevale garden centre via the Auction rooms at Campsea Ash. Saturday mornings is when they have the viewing for their Monday general sales.
I have left a bid on one thing which, if I win, will be my Christmas present.
Onto Wyevale to use the £5 off £15 voucher, and I found 2 small things to go with money for our two nephews and bought some Tomato feed ready for next year.
The Garden centre has started to fill up with Christmas stuff
Do people really buy a whole new colour scheme of decorations every year? I suppose someone must buy them all or it wouldn't be worth their while taking up so much space.

Welcome to Boud, a new follower via Google and thank you for comments yesterday. Cro really made me smile :-)

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Friday, 24 October 2014

New socks..... I'm so easily pleased

Great new walking boot socks arrived today, I'm easily excited!
When I tried on my exorbitantly expensive new comfy boots a few weeks ago they gave me a pair of socks to use, they were lovely and comfy too so I bought a pair. All my old thick socks which I also wear with wellies were either lumpy on the heels where they had been mended, horrible around the toes because the seams went straight across or fell down when I walked because they were too old and stretched. I looked online and found the new Ecco socks with a 10% off voucher which made them cheaper than buying in the shoe shop. Now the old ones can go and my feet will be comfy for several years.

Also in the post another Christmas catalogue, all the way from the Inverawe Salmon Company in Scotland. We visited when we had a holiday there several years ago and now get a catalogue every year which is useful as it provides a present for our neighbour. She is a wealthy lady and doesn't need Things, so a pack of smoked salmon and various other bits from their smokery makes an ideal gift for her. She is very worried about how she will manage without C to do her odd jobs and gardening but hopefully he will get back to working for her in the spring.

Today was spent bread baking and moving chicken feed ( and a few other jobs too). We also took wild bird seed and peanuts over to our neighbough, they had been sitting here since we brought them home from the mill when we got chicken feed about 3 weeks ago. By scooping some out of each sack into another sack it made them easier for me to lift and tip into her bins. C took them in the trailer on the back of the mower and I did the lifting. I think lots of jobs will be done like this for a while.

There is only a week to go until Library day and I still have nearly all my books unread. Seem to have been a bit busy lately! This was finished this afternoon
Historical crime, the sixth in the series set in the fens during the 11th century. Her other series was set in Kent at the beginning of the 13th . Both have elements of the old pagan religions and supernatural happenings. It's interesting to read about the old ways of healing and how far people were able to travel, of course being fiction they don't need to be factually accurate but the author studied  archeologist at university so I hope they are well researched.

You will be pleased to know that this "mystery" plant growing under the bird seed feeder has gone in the compost, we didn't want to be raided!

Thanks for comments yesterday
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Thursday, 23 October 2014

5 seconds of fame

Our son sent us a text on Monday to say that ITV Anglia television had filmed him where he was showing a party of schoolchildren around an old WWII airfield and it would probably be on the local news programme. We were still waiting in Ipswich Hospital so had resigned ourselves to missing his little bit of fame. But then there he was on there last night, looking and sounding like a proper archaeologist  ( which is handy as that's what he is!) The community archaeology job that he has for the next couple of years includes lots of involvement with schools, airfield preservation groups and general public so he may be on again.
I had my own 5 seconds on Look East the local BBC news programme several years ago when they came to speak to me during the last chicken health scare thing ( I can't even remember when or what it was called) we thought we would have to keep chickens under cover to stop contamination from wild bird droppings. I said something like....... we have to abide by rules even if it does seem cruel keeping free-range hens shut in their shed- and there was a five second film of me throwing some corn in and going to collect the eggs and that was my brief spell on TV all over - thankfully no-one saw it!

Today I drove C down to the doctors so they could check his BP, look at all the information received from the hospital and see if he needed any changes to tablets. I popped into the Co-op for a bit of shopping - blinkin' place has moved everything round in the last couple of weeks, there were people everywhere wandering around looking for things. I completely forgot to look for molasses for making brown sugar as mentioned in yesterdays blog. None of the local supermarkets according to My Supermarket stock it so if it's not in the Co-op I shall have to stick to buying brown sugar. When we kept goats, molasses was always in the cupboard to put in warm water for goats that had just kidded, they love it and would drink a huge bucketful which was good for helping with milk production.

No other news today

But I mustn't finish without welcoming Sandy and Maria who are 2 new followers over there in the Google Friends pictures.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It's Christmas Pudding Time

Last year I used half my Christmas Pudding Recipe because there were still 2 in the cupboard from 2012, this year I used 1 and a third times the recipe to make 6 puds of various sizes, some will be given as gifts.
  With the Rayburn alight it means I can steam them for free.
3 puds steaming and some fruit de-frosting with a pasta/salmon bake in the oven
 The suet, mixed peel and raisins were from Approved Foods, flour is Aldi - the cheapest I can find, value sultanas from Tesco,  eggs were thin shelled or odd shaped ones we can't sell, apples were our own windfalls, all these are small ways to keep the cost down. I'm still using some brown sugar that I had bought before I saw Dawns tip on making brown sugar. Something I shall certainly try.

I've had 3 or 4 Christmas catalogues in the post so far this year but I doubt I will be buying anything from them even if they are charity ones. Things always seem so expensive.
The Friends of the Earth Catalogue has a bag of 15 pine-cone firelighters which seem to be a cone attached to a a small wax circle with a wick to light them for £9.00, mind you, that's cheap compared to some I looked at on t'internet which were £16 for 12! There's money to be made from fir cones obviously, but £16 - Heck! If you look HERE there's info on how to make them. But why? because  a bit of scrunched up newspaper and a few pine cones would light a fire anyway without faffing about with melting wax and cup cake cases. This is a no faff household!

Today's post brought yet another voucher, the 4th in 2 months, from Wyevale Garden Centre. I'm beginning to think they are desperate for our custom. We had a £5 off £15 spend for September, same again for October, and another £5 of £15 to be used during the last two weeks of October and now £2.50 off anything. We will be popping along there again soon for another Christmas present.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A quiet Tuesday indoors

Some wild, windy and much chillier weather here today, luckily I managed to get the outside jobs done in between the heavy showers.
We've both had a quiet relaxing day, I did a bit of cleaning and made an apple crumble with yet more windfalls from the Bramley and kept The Rayburn and the wood-burner  alight to keep C warm after the hospital heat.

Tomorrow I want to really get back to normal life and normal blogging but first I need to say Thank you to all these people who left comments over the last 10 days

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 With all those good wishes zooming around the blogosphere it's no surprise that C got better and home again safe and sound.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Yes, we are home

We finally got home just after 8pm. C was told he could go home at half past 3 but we had to wait until after 7 for his new tablets to come from the pharmacy! Even more bed blocking.
He had the angiogram and they found...........................Absolutely Nothing!
So the only thing that showed he had had a heart attack was the blood test.
They've changed his tablets, no driving for 4 weeks and 6 months of gradual recovery.
A lovely quiet winter for us I think.
Nice to have him home.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Avoiding gadgets

I started this post about 6 months ago and it's been sitting in the drafts folder ever since. Then Jill who is  a new blogger at Loving our Frugal Life did a post on the same subject  several weeks ago which reminded me about mine. Although it's still taken another month to get it posted.

 Our son was about 8 and at primary school when he got told off for not doing his homework properly. He was supposed to go around the house and write down what was run by electric in each room. Which he did.
The problem was that in the kitchen all he had listed was the light, the food mixer, the radio and the fridge. He was right but the teacher didn't believe him. She said what about the cooker and kettle. But our cooker was gas from a cylinder and our kettle was heated on the gas hob.
This memory always pops back into my mind when the Lakeland catalogue drops through the letterbox. They really like their gadgets at Lakeland ( other catalogue shops are available but no one sends as many catalogues as Lakeland!)

We've got more electrical things in the kitchen now than we've ever had before but even now I'm guessing we have a lot less than many people.
So ...............Oh lovely -- I can make a list!
In our kitchen, powered by electric, we have
Deep fat fryer
Trusty Kenwood Chef
Electronic ignition for the gas hob

Before the new kitchen we had an old  propane gas cooker with an eye level grill so we didn't even have a toaster and had we have been able to find a built in oven that would run off propane gas with a separate grill made by Cannon like we had back in the 1980s then I would still not have an electric oven or toaster.
You can get a machine or a gadget to do anything and all run by electric and every replacement seems to have a way of using more electric than before, with lights, timers etc.
Every one of those items has been made in a factory, usually abroad, using electric and water, each will need disposing of at the end of it's life. How many people think about that when they add a shiny new gadget to the back of their kitchen cupboards- That's where most of the ice cream makers, cup  cake bakers and other odd things get put.

And before everyone shouts at how handy their slow cooker and bread maker have been, let me say this is only my opinion as a person who doesn't go out to work and I can fully understand that for folks out every day then some other gadgets could be handy.

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