Friday, 8 January 2016

Lack of excitement and Frugal Friday

Nothing exciting has happened but I'm back anyway and thank goodness the weather is 100% better than yesterday.

I popped to Saxmundham this morning for Tesco and Post Office. Not a lot of shopping needed this month as we need to empty cupboards as much as we can before the middle of March but on the other hand I hate seeing the cupboards getting low at this time of the year when the weather could still turn nasty.
I'm still going round cupboards looking for things that I can give to the charity shop and packing other stuff that we won't need into boxes.
We've had 2 quotes from local removal companies, either will be OK to use and both can supply boxes well before moving day to give me plenty of time to pack.
I've also been making a list of all the people and companies we will need to contact, then I'm giving Col the job of finding all the phone numbers.

In between other things this week I've got well ahead by making some Christmas cards for my Penny Pincher Paper penfriends

Also been making a note of where we've stretched the pennies this week, thought I might make this a regular thing on a Friday if I remember.

Found 2p on the ground in town
Made 4 large portions of soup from 3 tired carrots, a small onion and a tin of tomatoes.
Ate leeks, beetroot, Brussels sprouts from the garden and apples from store
Col took the shower to bits, descaled it, fitted a new washer and got it working properly again.
Free heat from wood all week
Bought new shoes in January sales, saving £20
Found Tesco Christmas 7 cheese selection reduced to £2 and mince pies to 37p for 6.

Shall I list the non-frugal things? Nah!

Many thanks for comments yesterday. I think it's going to be a huge help to hear from other people reading who know someone going through exactly the same treatment as Colin. Thank goodness for blogging.

Back Tomorrow


  1. I used to keep a jar and put found money in it, one year it came to £6.27 don't go anywhere to find money now except the washing machine, I often find money in there :-)

    1. Have you read the book by Kath Kelly about how she lived on £1 a day - in Bath I think, she was forever finding money on the ground - even £5 notes! I wish!

  2. Frugal Friday sounds like a good idea and you did rather well. I had never heard of HOTTER shoes but then I haven't lived in the U.K. for such a long time. I continue to be a huge fan of CLARK'S.

    I did enjoy reading the full article about your son in the EADT and what a large number of people turned out for the walk.

    Will keep Colin in prayer for a full recovery and strength for you.

    1. Hotter started out as mail order then started opening shops. They are very like Clarks , made in UK, but don't do childrens and a smaller range.

  3. I did have a thought,please also see if macmillan can be of any help.not that you want to hear it as you are amazingly frugal, but you maybe due some form of benefit, youve both worked hard all your life. if its there maybe to help, see if it is there to be had. and also if you need any bars or slopes adding to help with access... feel free to delete this comment.

    My sister needed bars adding to get into the house and an extra bar going up the stairs.

    Beaming love into the ether.

    Sol xx

    1. Thank you for the thought.At the moment we don't know how ill Col will get with the treatment but we will speak to someone when/if we need help.

  4. Lovely to read your frugal list, please continue with it if you feel minded to do so. I love Hotter shoes, they are so comfortable, and are apparently recommended by podiatrists. Before Hotter I always had to struggle to break in new shoes, not any more! All good wishes to you and Col, you sound very organised, Vee x

  5. Love your frugal list. This morning I made two, yes two, pies (each pie large enough for two helpings for myself and my husband) from one of the turkey legs which I'd popped (cooked) in the freezer. I still have the other leg to use. I cooked a chopped onion with some sliced mushrooms and then made a rich red-wine sauce (it was a very cheap bottle bought for the purpose and there's plenty left for more wine sauces - and before anyone says "have you heard about the new information about drinking" once you've brought alcohol to the boil, the alcohol is burnt off and only the flavour remains - thickened with a little cornflower slaked with water, and a veggie Oxo cube and then Jus Rol puff pastry put on top, and bingo, two lovely pies, one for lunch and one for the freezer. Tonight using broccoli & blue cheese soup from the freezer for our supper with a de-frostged heated-up baguette. Maybe adding wine to a sauce isn't really 'frugal' but we only buy wine occasionally, it's not a regular feature in our trolley.
    Margaret P

  6. I'm sorry you and Col are going through this. I really am.

    Love your list. I opened a purse in my craft room on Wednesday night, expecting it to have just 2p's and 1p's, which I leave in all my purses so they aren't totally empty, but I found 5 £1 coins, and honestly, I felt as if I'd won the lottery! I still dream of finding a few £10 notes in an old forgotten purse, but I'm happy with my pound coins. Bought us some milk and other vitals, and paid for Violet's hot dinner at school today. :O)

    you have a lovely weekend, although Bill told me it's meant to be grim again tomorrow! Eeks. Thursday was foul wasn't it?!

  7. I was lucky to get the Tesco cheese for 40p . Our branch must have ordered way to much

  8. You deserve a few non frugal moments at times like these if you can manage it! xx

  9. Cheap cheese found here too. I found a couple of blocks which will be perfect for grating and then popping in the freezer.
    Lisa x

  10. Hi lovely, thanks for your comments soothing my brow! I'll be back for a proper read n sticking my oar in later! Just a fleeting visit to say I've not abandoned all my bloggy chums xx

  11. My local Oxfam bookshop is getting all my University Classics books when I arrange transport. THere's a lot of them!

  12. I too am sorry to hear about Col but be strong and my thoughts are with you both.
    Loved this post as I too tesco cheese at 40p and got loads of bargains 3 4m rolls of Xmas paper £1, bag of bows 38p , napkins 40p, gold tissue paper x2 40p, mince pies 10p for 6 , 10 red dinner candles 95p. I also got my daughter 4 x pairs of tights for 80p , two pairs of trousers and two pairs of shorts all £1 each! I treated myself too a new summer dress and jeans also a £1 each from sainsburys . Me and my girls always look and find money on the ground I always say find a penny pick it up all day long you'll have good luck. And find we do pennies , pounds , silver and a good few notes!!