Saturday, 28 November 2015

Wood and TV watching - a dull post!

A lovely sunny morning here, Col put the loader onto the tractor and we brought a couple of bags of logs into the wood shed. We get through such a lot of wood on the Rayburn and the wood burner. The door of the woodburner has got a bit bent over time and doesn't close as tightly as it once did so sometimes the wood burns too fast. If we were staying I think we would have got a new door for it.

Thank you for comments about libraries and Christmas cakes yesterday. I will be joining any campaign they have to avoid any scale down  of Suffolk libraries, that's for sure. Thank you to Bovey Belle for the note about the book by Alex Grecian. I've not read any of his before and I'm not sure where I came across the information about this one. If it's too dark and gruesome I won't bother with finishing. I like crime stories but not horror.

 Tip 28 from the list of ways to save £1 was :- Eat Less Meat. Vegetables are always cheaper than meat. So swap a meal a week then 2 or 3. There are loads of good veggie recipes on line, in library books or magazines.

Not a lot happening this weekend, we will probably bring some more of the scrap-wood from the cart shed to the wood shed ready for cutting, Col will probably need to sharpen the chainsaw again. I ought to do a pile of ironing and a bit of hoovering and I'll pop down to Knodishall for the Cancer Research Christmas Fair later. Then there is so much sport on TV so I shall be watching Tennis and Col watching Darts and the final Grand Prix tomorrow. What an exciting life we lead!!

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