Sunday, 15 November 2015

Halfway Through November

Quite a rough night last night, the gale woke me up a couple of times. My twenty minute quick walk up and down the road this morning was a bit hairy as it took me past a wood where the trees were creaking and groaning in the wind. One small branch was hanging down close to the road caught on another branch,  I was able to give it a tug and lay it in the ditch.

 Mincemeat was made yesterday using half measures of  Delia's recipe.
  I say her name through gritted teeth as she lives in Suffolk but owns much of Norwich City football club. There are even old photos of her when she first moved to the county at an Ipswich Town match sporting a blue and white scarf. Now she wears the 'enemies' colours! (Sorry, the above is only relevant to people born in Suffolk who have a passing interest in football!).

This morning we decided to use our NT card to go and look at the Christmas Fair at our nearest NT venue Sutton Hoo.  It's several years since we last went and they have improved the Ship Burial exhibition but unfortunately the Christmas Fair was mainly expensive craft items which were out of my price range. There was a big stall with Artisan bread, it smelled wonderful but I left the £8 loaves on the stall! Didn't even see anything of interest in the second-hand bookshop. I guess you could say it was a good morning out as we spent nothing.

Talking of spending - or not- the total outgoings for my Low Spend November Challenge at the halfway point are £590. This includes the direct debits for council tax, water, phone/computer and charity. Plus Daughters birthday gift, the first of the Christmas gifts, cat food, an item for the smallholding, pharmacy, postage, household cleaning and food. It sounds a lot but it will be easier to judge if I was successful at the end of the month.

Welcome to Catsngrams, a new follower. At the moment Google won't let me find out if you have a blog.
Thanks for comments yesterday.



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