Wednesday, 4 November 2015

4th November

On 4th November 1987 our youngest arrived in the world. 6 years younger than her brother and 7½ years younger than her big sister. The oldest two were at school, I was older and somehow caring for a baby seemed much easier than it was before. I had more time to enjoy having a little one in the house and consequently she was a very easy baby and toddler to look after.
 She hardly remembers living anywhere before we came here - she was 4½- unlike the older two children who had lived in 3 or 4  different homes before this. Although she's made up for it since - renting 4 different places in Leiston since she moved out 9 years ago. She says it will be odd knowing someone else is living here.
 Happy Birthday A. Our "baby" is 28. Blimey we're old!

We have pouring rain here this morning but the weather was a bit brighter yesterday and no fog. Col went down to our farmer friends to get our grass topper but it was wedged in behind other machinery and he couldn't get it out of the shed. So he did some weeding instead and picked off all the green tomatoes to bring them in to ripen.

 Our tomatoes plants have virtually finished and we'll be clearing them all out of the poly-tunnel soon.
 I had a frustrating time trying to do the main monthly shop at Tescos in Saxmundham. NO milk powder - empty space,NO value range soft cheese, NO Kenco de-caf coffee refill packs and NO own brand de-caf - they've stopped selling all those here in Saxmundham. No value range  mackerel fillets ( Have to go to Sainsburys). I just end up cross and with a quarter of the shopping list not bought.

Tip number 4 re-hashed from 2013 is Re-read the instructions for your washing machine and see if you can use a shorter cycle.
 Because we dry stuff outside, I've turned down the spin speed, hope that saves a bit of energy. I do all washing on 40℃, our machine is quite old and there is no lower wash temperature and unlike machines in the States no way of doing a cold water wash as the machine is hot and cold intake.

November No/ Low Spend Challenge - spent yesterday - Milk £2 , Veg £2.68,  Food that goes in Fridge and freezer £20.13, Store Cupboard food £8.26, Meat 80p, Laundry(Washing Soda) £1, Kitchen roll ( for tissues and other odd jobs) £1. Cats £24 (enough for one and a half months).
Pharmacy 50p.
Then very annoyingly had to pay 74p to post 2 small bung bits for the water storage things that Col hadn't included when he delivered the tanks in September BUT that was cheaper than driving 25 miles!
£1.40 off at Tesco with vouchers and price match.
Total spend so far this month Food £32.47 Everything else £27.24

I avoided spending on some yellow ticket RTC chocolate eclairs and a Christmas magazine!

I'm not sure about this posting everyday - seems to take up more time than I remember from the spring, may have to slow down again.
Back Tomorrow - probably


  1. I was just thinking about clearing out the tomatoes this morning, it will be a week end job, my send yesterday was dog food I buy by the sack and it last him about 6-7 weeks I wait until we get a voucher through so usually get 10% off the price, I picked up a christmas magazine the other week and it was utter rubbish the craft projects were child level and suppose to be for adults I have voiced my opion by e-mail still waiting for a response, I have found a lovely web site that sends through a newsletter with some brilliant ideas so I am sticking with that. :-)

  2. I have only recently discovered that my washing machine has a useful short (30 min) re-reading your manual (or reading it properly in the first place!) is a very good idea.

  3. I've never managed every day and recently I've struggled with once a week.
    I hate shopping and like you I take a list and get very annoyed if I can't get all my shopping done in one visit.
    Our tomatoes are ending too. Not bad for November though eh?

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  5. I always use the shortest cycle on the washing machine, mainly because I'm always in a hurry to get the washing done, ironed, and hanging up to dry (I don't tumble dry either & have no intention of getting a machine) .

    Seems to be the way with supermarkets nowadays, you want something but the shelves are empty. Asda was exactly the same yesterday, I walked up there with my list and had to improvise because they didn't have much of what I wanted.

    Blogging every day is tricky. I find I can do it for a while, then I totally dry up and have no choice but to stop for a bit!

  6. My washing machine is quite new - maybe a year old - and has only got a cold water' inlet'. I do run it on the shortest cycle and usually at thirty degrees because, let's face it (apart from the farm clothes the farmer wears each day) we shower every day and change every day so nothing is really dirty.

  7. Happy birthday to your youngest. Our younger child is 12 years younger than the older so I know what you are saying about the difference in parenting experiences.

    Our washer does have a cold water option but it also has shut off valves on both the hot and cold water lines. If I didn't have that option built in I could just turn off the hot water. Could you add something like that?

  8. Yes, the shorter cycle on the washer. Ours has a 25 min cycle and is great for all those office outfits that technically are not even dirty.

  9. How frustrating when you can't get the items you need in your main destination and then have to go all over the place to find them. You would think that Milk Powder was sufficiently popular to stock, and the de-caff Kenco coffee . . . I shall go and study my washing machine (got last year) and see if there is a cheaper option to use. I think we have a cold wash option and as Pat says, rarely is our clothing so grubby that it needs something much brisker. Gardening clothes mainly.

    I'm about to add up what went out this morning and it will come up to much more than your total as I did the M&S fish for the freezer shop, got peanuts for the birds, and wool for knitting a Christmas present plus other sundries like Spirulina capsules (not cheap). Should be OK till next week now though.

    Dawn - I am with you on many of the craft magazines having such simple things to make - no challenge at all - and I don't buy them.

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  11. I also found our youngest baby (a girl)the easiest and quite a change after 2 boys. Basically I think we were just too kn....ed to faff about as much! We had 3 under 5 at one stage. ...however did we all cope!!

  12. Happy birthday to your daughter , I have found the supermarkets seem to run out of value range , Especially at Tesco's I just wonder if its a ploy to get us to buy something else instead , So i play them at there own game , The last time i needed there deodorant 41p , there was a gap for ages i managed with the last drop util they had it in again then emptied the shelf wich they only had a tray of six ,so next time i need any i will look around a month before hand , I found mine will go down to 30 degrees for half an hour i do most things on that now xxx

  13. I've noticed Asda have taken a lot of their budget lines of the shelves. Must be a rebrand coming - Morrisons did on a lot of stuff 18 months or so ago.

  14. So complain to the supermarket, both in store and by email to head office!
    Clearing a shelf of a product is unfair to the next customer and putting you on a par with your opinion of said supermarket.

    1. I don't think I mentioned anything about clearing a shelf of a product. Please read my posts more carefully before you comment

  15. Supermarkets are a law unto themselves, I hate shopping and do it as quickly as possible, 5 minutes in Tesco once a fortnight for a few things and usually half an hour dash round Lidl and Home bargains for the rest most weeks. I shop on Thursday morning and, so far, have not seen empty shelves.

  16. I bought a new washer and dryer two years ago and I love them.
    The cycle I use the most is a very short "Fast Wash" 15 minutes, cold water only and you can pick the spin speed. I use this one the most.
    Happy Birthday to Daughter. It always amazes me how old my children are.

    cheers, parsnip

  17. Happy Birthday Miss 28 - she's now as old as me!!
    Well done on ignoring the eclairs! X stay strong!

  18. I agree...Tesco doesn't seem to stock nearly as much of their value range around here as they used to...I struck lucky with a magazine though...normally when I get cold called from a company I give short shrift, but they offered me a really good trial on LandScape magazine, and bonus it includes the Christmas edition! Aahhhh...lovely pictures to drule over. J. x

  19. Hope 'your baby' had a wonderful birthday. My youngest is 28 too, doesn't time fly. He's already talking about the things he wants to accomplish before he's 30!!

    You're doing well posting every day, I managed it for six months on my other blog before I felt it was getting all same old same old, and I gave it up, there were so many comments and emails saying how disappointed folk were I felt really guilty.

    Well done on resisting the eclairs :-)