Saturday, 7 November 2015

Warm November days and other notes from the diary

This was the time this morning when I took this photo of our thermometer on the outside of the kitchen window.
It's not very clear as the weather was so dull but it says16℃ that's 61F  at 8am on the 7th November, No wonder I'm hot all the time.
With Col not A1 I've been getting up and leaving him in bed, doing a quick 20 minute walk up and down the road, collecting a wheelbarrow full of wood from the shed on the way back in and then lighting the kitchen Rayburn, by which time I'm HOT. I don't like it this mild when you need a coat because it's drizzly and,  as the rather rude Kathy Burke said on Not The Nine O'Clock News last night, " I need a cool breeze up me ****** at my age!"

Yesterday we had some heavy rain again, for about the 4th day in a row. We'd decided to go and look at a couple of empty houses just down the road in our local town, booked up before the edge of Ipswich idea. Anyway we went and looked, one had had the garden chopped off the back for no apparent reason and the other needed too much work.Now we've gone off the idea of staying in this bit of Suffolk we're going to go and look at a few more empty properties near Ipswich next week. We are hoping to make a short chain by moving into something empty.

The rain started this morning not long after I'd got back from my walk so it was out into the poly-tunnel for more clearing and then we'll probably do a bit more woodcutting.

As well as the second Hugh FW programme on Monday there is also something on about Aldi on Channel 4 at 8pm which might be interesting. Tennis was on TV this time last year but I've searched through the listings and can't find it but there is some snooker on tonight. We are both enthusiastic armchair sports watchers!

Thanks for the comments yesterday, I shall pop over to finish replying to them. Also welcome to new followers numbers seem to have jumped by 3 without me realising. Hello and I hope you enjoy reading.

The 7th money saving tip from the 2013 list was - Christmas is the same day every year so don't get caught out and have to run up debts to fund the extra shopping - Start in the January sales!

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