Saturday, 14 November 2015

Beanz Meanz........

 ........ more beans next year.
Wherever we are living next year I hope to grow a few things including runner beans, and here they are, shelled out yesterday from beans dried from this years crop.

Yesterday I just about got the washing dry before we had heavy blustery showers, followed by sun again later. We popped out in the afternoon for picking up tablets from the doctors and a few bits of shopping including an orange and lemon for the mincemeat. Col went and looked at the self-storage place in Leiston because there will be some furniture that won't fit in a small 2 bedroom bungalow. But what a lot they charge.To have somewhere for the dining table, chairs, boxes of crockery etc it would be a £100+ a month. That's crazy, it would be better to sell the stuff at auction and buy second-hand things later if we need them.

My low spend November saw me avoiding some yellow ticket reduced to clear boxes of local handmade chocolates and walking straight past the magazines again, just picking up the free Coastal Scene paper instead. So to add to last Tuesdays running total is £1.32 for fruit and veg and £4.19 for other stuff, 56p for pharmacy and £9 Christmas presents. I've also been ordering pressies from the childrens Amazon wish lists.
We've topped up the car with diesel after the hospital visit and house hunting trip because Col is up to hospital again next week. I shall do half monthly running totals tomorrow.

 I missed out the 13th money saver tip yesterday which was - If you need more than 2 prescriptions from your doctor each month then a prepayment card will save you money. This is quite apt for the-man-who-was-never-ill-until-he-hit-56 because now he has so many different tablets to take that it would cost us over £80 a month. The alternative to the prepayment card is to reach the age of 60- like me- then prescriptions are free. The odd thing is that while individual prescription costs go up each April the annual prepayment card hasn't gone up for a couple of years.

Tip number 14 was to find out about free events at local museums or look for things like National Trust free open days.Our local museum - The Long Shop  in Leiston is always free on the opening day each season.

Thank you for comments yesterday, are you like Dawn - very cynical  about the whole Children in Need thing or like me - just enjoying watching all the different things people will do to fund raise. Yes, in an ideal world there would be no need for charities, but the world we live in is far from ideal and probably never has been.

Today I plan to get my mincemeat started and then bike down to the village to support a charity sale there.

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