Friday, 20 November 2015

Friday again and nothing happening

First of all, welcome to Lavender Rosemary a new follower, but someone else has un-followed so numbers remain the same.

Friday has rushed round, after a very strange week. I fetched Col from hospital yesterday evening, they pumped some iron into him and he is back on the iron tablets until he has to prepare for the other camera thing (with a different sort of "stuff" which hopefully he will not be allergic to). The investigation that they were able to do showed nothing so it's a waiting game again.
Nothing is happening on the house selling/buying front either. Our estate agent has left messages but with no reply - I hope our buyers haven't gone off the whole idea, we can't move on with buying something until we know the expected timeline.

It's been bread making day today and I also made some leek and potato soup for lunch, it's ages since I made any and we'd forgotten how delicious it is. We are still eating our way through our Charlotte potatoes which we left in the ground much later than usual - they have so much flavour. What a shock it will be when we have buy spuds in the new year.

Tip number 20 to save a little cash is :- Cut the ends off tubes of toothpaste, hand cream etc to get out the last little bit. I must admit that the last time I tried this with toothpaste there was nothing left to get out so I've not bothered again.

Nothing much planned for the weekend, except for watching Strictly from Blackpool, and some more of the ATP tennis. Although I do need to go and get a bit of shopping (haven't bought any food or milk since last Friday and I have a £4.50 Tesco voucher) and maybe while I'm in Tesco I can get some gift cards for more Christmas presents.

Back with tip number 21 tomorrow


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