Monday, 9 November 2015

9th November and a new-to-me author

I spent all yesterday afternoon and evening reading ( apart from watching the Strictly Results programme - Phew thank goodness Carol, obviously a lovely lady, has gone, her dancing was painful to watch) and finished a whole book.
Stella Cameron - Folly. This was written in 2013 and is crime fiction set in the Cotswolds but written by a popular American author who has been living in the States for many years. Now I have no problem with American authors setting their books over here but because  many words have different meanings here and there, every time you hit a "wrong" word it jumps out a mile. Take Vest - here it is a garment worn under everything when the weather is cold, there it is something worn over the top. Do we regularly use chains on our car wheels in winter? Not that I know of. There were other little things that made me wish it had been proof read by someone in this country before being published here. But saying that it was a good  read and there is a new book featuring the same characters which I've straight away ordered from the library.

Yet another grey day here, we went out this morning to look at a few bungalows near Ipswich one had been recently modernised but didn't feel right. One had a big garden with fruit trees but was such a tip both inside and out that is was difficult to see past the clutter and the other had been lived in by an old person and needed some work, the garden was what estate agents call "a blank canvas". We drove round the area and decided that it would be such a handy place to live, shops, post office, library and doctor all close. It would be a huge change from here obviously and maybe we wouldn't like it but then it would also be ideal to rent out for an income......some thought needed.

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