Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Quiet times, just waiting

 Not a lot happening here at the moment. I bring in wood for the fires, chop some kindling now and again, prepare meals, watch the ATP tennis in the afternoons and read in the evenings.
Col is not feeling up to doing much apart from a bit of sorting in his workshop and doing the washing up after meals and poor fella has to go without food today from breakfast onwards ready for the nasty hospital procedures tomorrow. I shall feel guilty tucking into my lunch and dinner while he has weak black tea but will be jolly glad to find out what's the matter with him even if it is something nasty, it's the not knowing that frightens me.

Here is another  £1 saving hint from my 2013 list. Make Christmas gift tags from old Christmas cards. Surely everyone does this?............ but maybe not as there are still gift tags aplenty for sale in the shops.

Back soon


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