Monday, 23 November 2015

Did you see...........

I finally caught up on the Ben Fogle programme - Living in the Wild in the UK. The second in the series was about a lady living in a straw bale/ mud hut in the depths of Pembrokeshire. Although she lived alone she allowed other people to also live alone around her, shunning all mod cons except a landline phone - in it's own mud hut several 100 yards from her home. I found the whole idea fascinating. She and her husband bought 150 acres of wild woodland many years ago and lived in old buildings on the land and when she decided to move out of the family home her husband and children didn't go with her and eventually all moved back to England. She said electricity makes her feel strange and she only feels right in natural light,  which must make her winter days very short.

We watched Adele singing  on a special BBC programme Friday night. What a singer she is and how much she has accomplished already. She chatted with Graham Norton between songs and one hilarious bit showed her made up with false nose and chin to audition in an Adele Sound-Alike competition. None of the other girls taking part recognized who she was until it was her turn to sing and then it was really entertaining to watch them suddenly realising that "Hey this girl is good" then " it's her, it's Adele, No - Yes it really is!" We have both of her earlier CDs and I think the new one ought to be added to a wish list.

Col has been watching Darts on TV all weekend. Good Grief, some of those blokes are BIG but the two who got through to the final are a more normal size. Peter "Snakebite" Wright -one of the finalists actually lives in Suffolk. He is a man you couldn't miss in a crowd as he always wears the most incredible clothes and has a bright coloured mohican hairstyle and paintings done on the sides of his head. He certainly brings a different look to the stage when he's throwing his 'arrers'. In a former life, BC ( Before Col) I used to spend a lot of time playing or watching darts. An X boyfriend's aunt and uncle owned a pub so when we went to visit, which we did a lot in our mid teens, we would spend hours playing darts.Then later, boyfriend played in a team at work so I would go along too - mainly for the free food afterwards!

It was an enjoyable Strictly from the Blackpool Tower ballroom, I'm not sure the judges sent the right person through in the dance off? Not a very exciting appearance by Take That I thought and if that was their new single it was instantly forgettable.

Now you know what we were doing all weekend, and with a freezing North wind and a poorly husband, staying in by the fire really was the sensible thing to do.

Now we are on to Money Saving Hint number 23, which was - You need never buy note pads for shopping lists or for phone messages. If you cut up cereal boxes and similar thin card into tidy squares, then keep them in a kitchen drawer or in a box by the phone.

Jack Frost called last night, he left patterns on the conservatory roof, it's his first visit this autumn. Brrrrrr!
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