Tuesday, 24 November 2015

24th November and save a £1 tip 24 is.............

.......................grow something to eat, even if you buy a tomato plant for 50p from a car boot sale it will pay you back at least two or three times.
What does the average family without a garden spend on fruit and vegetables? I have absolutely no idea.
For the last 30ish years ( except for 6 months renting before we came here) we've grown as much as we can so it will come as quite a shock if we are unable to grow our food when we move.

I thought I'd spotted the first Fieldfare to arrive, in the Hawthorn tree yesterday - dashed to get the camera, took a photo, went through to show it to Col who said " yes, I thought I saw a couple in the apple tree a few minutes ago."  Darn It!

 The birds have got through loads of peanuts and  bird seed over the last couple of days, our neighbour is away so everything has crossed the road to our feeders and by the way this fieldfare and the blackbirds were attacking the hawthorn berries they'll soon be all gone too.

I've had the oven on for some baking today and chocolate cakes have been put in the freezer for when we have people here before and over Christmas.Then I got all the fruit for Christmas cakes soaking in a mix of cold tea and brandy. The recipe I use is on the separate recipe page, then scroll down. It's called Victorian Christmas cake and is a Mary Berry recipe but from  long before Bake Off  when she was famous first time round. I've done the recipe x 2¾ because of making several cakes for gifts. I'll take some photos and add them to the recipe page as the cake is made on Friday.

Although I'm sad that our world at the moment has shrunk so that I'm reduced to posting about TV programmes it was lovely to get so many comments about what we had watched over the weekend. I'm glad several people agreed with me about who was eliminated on Strictly and like Irene said I also can't imagine why Emma- the mud hut lady - has to pay council tax, although I guess everyone has to chip in for roads, fire-service etc.

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