Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Oh you lucky people - 2 moneysaving tips........

..........in one day, because I forgot to do one yesterday!

The 9th tip for saving was cut down on how much shampoo, toothpaste lotions and potions that you use to see if less will do the same job
and the 10th was Before you buy anything STOP and think if you already have something that will do the same job. Which is why we don't have a dishwasher because I have a person who can do the washing up much more cheaply!

Did you see the programme about Aldi?  They didn't sound like very good employers and their attitude to health and safety regarding fire exits was dreadful. I wonder if Lidl are the same? Hugh FW War on Waste was good again, we've both signed his petition and I've vowed to try and use the fruit and veg shop in Leiston as much as possible. If I'm heading the other way to Saxmundham then there is no choice except Tesco and Waitrose.

We have no need to buy apples for a while. This is our late apple tree seen from the back door, it's behind the Bramley and still has a few apples hanging on,
  it's only when you get closer you realise there are actually quite a lot
So most have been picked wrapped and boxed, six layers deep. There is also a basket full that are either small or windfalls to eat first.
We've got a trug full of earlier apples out in the shed and another trug full in the craft room that will need eating before we even start on the ones in the box.

We had to pop to Woodbridge today to take all the forms to the solicitor and it seemed silly not to go to The Grape Tree to get the fruit I needed ready for mincemeat and Christmas cake although of course that meant spending money in November that would have waited until December.We also needed milk and yogurt and a few other bits.The last time I opened my purse was last Friday so to add to the £49.12 Food and £29.24 other stuff we have another £9 on store-cupboard stuff and £6.50 for things that go in the fridge. I also picked up just over £8 worth of food things that will be gifts  or made into gifts for the hampers.
No spend November? Ha Ha Ha ( But I was a good girl and only looked at the magazines in W.H Smiths- again!)

Thanks for comments yesterday. Bovey Belle asked if we were right off the Wales idea. The answer is not completely but because of this latest health issue and wanting to have a short chain we are basically looking for something empty that we can move into quickly. Not a forever house and not something perfect but just somewhere small and inexpensive(?) to live while everything is sorted out.When we know what is the matter with Colin this time we  can then either stay or rent it out and move somewhere else. Our original plan was to go back to the mid Suffolk area of Stowmarket that we know so well but there is nothing for sale there that's suitable at the moment AND it still means a 15 mile journey to hospital. Whereas where we looked yesterday, although we may pay a bit more for a smaller place, the rental return would be a lot more and it's only  a mile and a bit to hospital.

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  1. I was given enough apples to keep me going for ages by someone who is too "busy" to pick them but who buys them every week.A wise move on the Stowmarket thought, it may only be 15 miles but it is not a fast journey at the best of times. I have signed up on Hugh,s campaign but having been into Morrisons today it doesn't look promising. I recorded the Aldi program and will watch it tonight. One of my neighbours works in the local Lidl and loves it, it is sometimes down to individual branch managers how they decide to interpret guidelines.

  2. Goodness, that's a lot of apples to munch your way through. All I can think about now is apple pie. I'm going to make one tomorrow. It sounds as though you've covered all your options with the house move regardless of what happens with Col. Is moving to Wales something you've been wanting to do for a while and did you want another small holding/caravan site? xx

  3. Hi Sue, Sorry I haven't been over to visit for a while. i'm glad to read that your house sale is proceeding ,but sorry to hear about Col's health. Hope you will be able to find somewhere to live soon. Thank you for reminding me to sign the War on waste petition. I tried last night but it was busy! Sarah x

  4. I work for Waitrose and was appalled by the Aldi programme. How dare they expect people to work for nothing and to sell things beyond their use by dates. Awful!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We are like you will apples, it's finding a cool place to store them.
    I love watching Hugh on a Monday.
    Fondly Michelle

  6. I must start making all the timmed fish I've got stashed away disappear!

  7. Before you look in Wales, don't forget to re-read Hovel in the Hills again! I am in the US and saw the book on your previous home page so often that I actually bought it through an online source. Although, I have to say, if anyone could do it, it would be you.

    Welcome back to daily posting--I missed you. (Especially since I've dropped a couple of other blogs).

  8. I was shocked by the Aldi programme. And no dates on fruit and veg.
    Wow what a lot of apples fantastic.

  9. Your no spend November doesn't sound as though it is going too badly! I think that it would be very hard not to spend anything as you still have to eat! xx

  10. What a splendid apple tree. My neighbours apple tree never does well but the pears do.I agree with Pam regarding Aldi, I think individual store managers probably interpret things their way. Bad employers are everywhere. I work for the government they too have managers who use what we call the ways and means act to get their own way. When I refused to sign up to the new pay deal 6 years ago I was told my new shift pattern would include coming in at midnight on my day off. That meant I couldn't ever go out for a meal or have a drink on my day off in the evening. They were operating within the law and despite not giving in for 3 months I was eventually forced to sign the new pay deal.

    PS. When you buy loose vegetables in a supermarket it doesn't have a stamped on them. You look with your eyes and check. An apple can be in date but still be rotten! (I'm not defending Aldi I'm just saying)

  11. I have signed HFWs pledge. One of our friends keeps bringing boxes of apples on Sundays and telling Church members to help themselves. They are a mixed lot [both the apples AND the members!] so I have been bringing home a bag each week, and sorting them out, peeling, coring, blanching and freezing the ones with damaged parts, and using up the better ones promptly.
    PS I too watched the Aldi programme. - would agree with Frugal in Essex above on all points!

  12. As much as I like Aldi price and products I often wonder how they cut corners to maintain their pricing....something has to give. Splendid apple tree and it is great you are using up windfalls.