Sunday, 8 November 2015

More wood cutting

It was a wet and windy afternoon here yesterday, with no reason to venture out we just watched Rugby on TV (I was wrong when I said yesterday we would be watching snooker on TV - that's next week  and tennis on the 15th) and read and  I got the Christmas list book out to see how many spaces could be filled in - several ideas still needed, although I've worked out exactly what's going in the hampers for sisters and brothers-in law. I'd like to say what will be included but that will spoil the surprise because my sister might read this. I'll have to take a photo and put it on the blog after Christmas.

Although this is what you see on our sale ad  I'm assuming we will here for Christmas, although the couple we are selling to want to be in by spring for planting, they are in a rented house in Suffolk with a flat in London which is almost sold so it will take a few weeks to sort out. I also need to find out who (family) is where over the holidays. So far we know our eldest is away at the in-laws in Devon and Col's Dad will probably be too poorly to travel over here from Mid Suffolk.

This morning - Sunday -we've been cutting more wood, it's good to have large amount cut as we get through a lot on the woodburner and Rayburn.
This is where I sit to chop kindling wood, I like to keep a few bags ready to bring in.

Clearing the big poly-tunnel is now finished, it's all ready for whatever the new owners want to grow
The middle polytunnel has carrots almost ready, swedes that might grow given time, beetroot at the back right. Lettuce that we are eating leaves from in the foreground, radish and rocket in the middle and at the back are small plants from a £1 living salad tray from Lidl. There were more than a dozen plants Col was able to divide and plant out. On the left the pepper plants are still hanging on with a few peppers still to be picked as we haven't had a frost yet.

The 8th money saving tip from the 2013 list  was swap an expensive hobby for a cheap one.
 Someone Col used to work with had a boat for a while and said it was like pouring money into a hole in the sea. I guess any hobby is as cheap or as expensive as you can afford it to be. Reading is cheap if you borrow library books but expensive if you want to buy everything in hardback and brand new.

Thanks for comments yesterday, it is a little cooler today- thankfully.

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