Saturday, 21 November 2015

Rough weather

I zoomed out in the wind, rain and gloomy skies to Saxmundham to pick up a few bits we needed. While  in Tesco I bought some gift voucher cards for other shops (Debenhams, B & Q etc) for the children and their partners, to go with things I've ordered off their Amazon wish lists.  I shall still need to go to Woodbridge or Ipswich for other cards as the range at Tesco is limited.. We could give them money but sometimes gift money get absorbed into the housekeeping - at least that's what happens here, so with a card they can go into a shop and choose something for themselves.
Keeping to the low spend November I only looked at the magazines (again!) and in the Original Factory Shop  also just looked at the Christmas decorations and Christmas jumpers without opening my purse. Not that I would want a Christmas jumper anyway - some of them are just dreadful.

Thank you for comment yesterday and welcome to Cornelia from Germany as a new follower. Margaret P jumped to the wrong conclusion when I mentioned gift cards, thinking I meant gift tags. But of course I had already said in one of the money saving tips that I make tags from old cards so I was hardly likely to be buying them!

Which reminds me to mention the £1 saving tip number 21.
Every time you come home put any 5p pieces into a savings tin. They get stuck in the corner of your purse(at least they do in mine) and are not missed from the housekeeping. You will be surprised at how they mount up during the year.
A few 10p's have crept into the tin too - every little helps!

We won't be venturing far today in this weather. I have a book to finish before library van day next Friday and when the oven is on for dinner tonight I want to roast some squash for soup and make a quiche for tomorrow.

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