Friday, 13 November 2015

Friday the 13th

I finished off the quince and apple jelly yesterday and got a good set quite quickly. 

4 jars made, a good golden colour. 2 for the hampers and 2 to keep.

Thanks for conversational comments yesterday. Margaret P was asking about our water treatment and I'm sure some clever person out there will know why some water smells of chlorine and other water doesn't. Our mains water here comes from a deep bore-hole aquifer  and the water tower which provides the pressure to get the water here  is at Saxmundham. The water in this area is what we call hard water and makes limescale easily it doesn't smell of chlorine at all.  

Quite a bright breezy day here so far today and washing is blowing merrily on the line. Bread is rising in the kitchen and I've been writing lists. I have the list of things that need making before Christmas and jobs that need doing and another list of plans for my December blog posts. That's as well as the lists in the Christmas book of presents and cards.
A bit of shopping needs doing later and then it will be an evening watching the Children In Need programmes.
That's our Friday 13th sorted - touch wood and crossing fingers.

 Stay safe
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