Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Nothing goes to plan

It turned out that Col was allergic to the stuff he had to take to prepare for the camera procedure and ended up in hospital as an in-patient the day before he was due to be an out-patient. Then because he hadn't been told to stop one of his heart tablets he can only have half the procedure done and not today when it should have been done but he has to stay in and wait until tomorrow.
Are you with me?
He will now have to wait to get called for the other thing later. So we end up with 3 journeys there and back instead of 1.
Is it no wonder that we are planning to move closer to the hospital!

He heard a tale of how the hospital waste money today.
Someone was sent home from hospital yesterday but only half the medication they were supposed to take home with them was available. So the other half  was delivered to them today BY TAXI - a 50 mile round trip!! Honestly, you couldn't make it up.

Back Tomorrow

PS Thanks for all the good wishes, I've passed them on to him
and another PS Blimey it was windy here last night, things blown all over the place and one tree down on our field. Hope you were all safe and sound out there.


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