Sunday, 22 November 2015

Chilly morning sunrise

It was quite a surprise to find a sprinkling of snow outside this morning, very unusual here as we have the warming influence of the North Sea just a few miles away.
The birds were soon searching for the windfall apples under the big Bramley tree and the sunrise over the farm buildings down the road certainly looked wintery.

The puddles on the road had no ice on them although there were some slippery bits.

I soon got the Rayburn going and the kettle on and toast in for breakfast and  I think it will be another day of staying at home and keeping warm.

Tip 22 from the 2013 list was :- Read local papers in your library, read news online or find a friend or neighbour to pass newspapers onto you.

Thanks again for comments yesterday, I'm off to see what everyone else in Blogland is up to on this chilly Sunday morning

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