Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thursday - setting things straight

This is the tree or rather the top part of a tree that came down in the wind on Tuesday night. There was no other damage just things blown over.
Two more ideas for saving a few pence from the 2013 list.

Number 18 was/is :- borrow recipe books from the library and see how many recipes you will actually use before buying the book. [ This is a helpful idea especially for someone out there in blogland - you know who you are! :-)  ]
and if anyone comments again that they can't use their library because it is useless/too far away/in the wrong town or whatever, I shall scream!

Hint 19 was - Tip bottles upside down and leave to drain to get the last bit out. Apparently this is specially important for wine bottles ;-)

Thanks for comments yesterday.
 Tell me folks, did I anywhere in my post say that the NHS were not wonderful? The ambulance blokes who've been here 4 times now are always absolutely brilliant. The nurses who work with patience even if their patients are difficult are brilliant. The Doctors who do silly hours are brilliant. And we are hugely grateful for them looking after Col every time he has been in hospital. But if money wasn't wasted in some places then think how much better things could be.

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