Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thursday - setting things straight

This is the tree or rather the top part of a tree that came down in the wind on Tuesday night. There was no other damage just things blown over.
Two more ideas for saving a few pence from the 2013 list.

Number 18 was/is :- borrow recipe books from the library and see how many recipes you will actually use before buying the book. [ This is a helpful idea especially for someone out there in blogland - you know who you are! :-)  ]
and if anyone comments again that they can't use their library because it is useless/too far away/in the wrong town or whatever, I shall scream!

Hint 19 was - Tip bottles upside down and leave to drain to get the last bit out. Apparently this is specially important for wine bottles ;-)

Thanks for comments yesterday.
 Tell me folks, did I anywhere in my post say that the NHS were not wonderful? The ambulance blokes who've been here 4 times now are always absolutely brilliant. The nurses who work with patience even if their patients are difficult are brilliant. The Doctors who do silly hours are brilliant. And we are hugely grateful for them looking after Col every time he has been in hospital. But if money wasn't wasted in some places then think how much better things could be.

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  1. No, you were definitely NOT NHS bashing - just bemoaning the modern crime of excessive wastage which is prevalent everywhere from the NHS, through education to big business!
    I cut the end off tubes when they are almost empty to enable me to get every last drop out.

    1. That's the next tip on the list! for tomorrow.

  2. Like any organisation it has its problems. Hubby has a 6month appointment for eyes re diabetes. He's had laser treatment to stop blindness on numerous occasions which is remarkable. But we must receive at least 5 letters changing the date and time from the original one booked in the 6 month period. 5 x 60p £3 x how many patients on the list. Like any budget its the little things that need looking at an the bigger savings may follow..

  3. I glad to hear you dint have much damage, nothing that couldnt be put right quickly, I was surprised we didnt have any tree damage. :-)

  4. I'm pleased your damage was minimal. We have been very lucky too. I'm loving the tips. The wine bottle one is especially important to me but I seem to do it without thinking anyway. Much love to you and Col. X

  5. I live within a 5 min walk of our library and use it a lot. You're right, the NHS is wonderful. The medical staff take a battering all the time but their hands are often tied by the
    bureacratic red tape they have to abide with.

  6. Wine bottles here are ALWAYS emptied of the last drop!!! I try to check out books before buying, unless they are about Edward Thomas, then I just read the reviews. I didn't buy the Pioneer Woman cookery book until I had seen Dawn's copy, and had another look at her PW Dinnertime book before adding it to my Amazon wish list.

    Our local library isn't terribly well stocked for books, but I do use the travelling library which calls with us each month. I can have a look at some cookery books there, but they are rarely ones which tempt me. At least I get to read other books rather than buy them first (unless they are Phil Rickman's - I buy his new book each year).

    About to tip up bottle of liquid soap up to get last out and then return to bars, as MUCH MORE economical (though the liquid soap doesn't leave any mess).

  7. agree with your comments re Hospitals - the farmer and I have been back and forth a few times over the last year or two and we have absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

  8. You mean there might be people who don't get the last drop out of a wine bottle? I have never really understood the phrase 'leftover wine' either. I mean I understand the two words individually but together they just don't scan!

  9. Like you we also have had great experiences with the NHS ,This last week in particular , I went to the doctors last Thursday with post menopausal spotting , Today i had a biopsy , scan, blood tests , this was all within one week , All organised by the doctor that has most women have been swooning over at the same hospital for the last 20 years , I dont think you can get any better than that service xxx

  10. We have a lovely little library where we live. I don't use it very much now, but when the children were little we were always in there doing something or other from story time to creepy crawley shows.

    My experience of the NHS has personally always been good, but Tom's was diabolical. Yes there are some good staff, but there are also some lazy ones who obviously don't want to do what they're employed to do. And no it wasn't a case of being busy or understaffed or having their hands tied. Plain rubbish is what they were. Hope Col is feeling OK. xx

  11. Re libraries: the only way to get what you want is to use the reservation system. The good books are always "out".

  12. You're right the NHS is a totally brilliant service.

    It's the folk that misuse it and think they can eat, drink, smoke and do drugs to excess and then expect the NHS to repair the damage that they have inflicted on their own bodies that use up valuable resources and doctors time.

    I have to say the only time I have tried to use the NHS since we have lived in Wales I was bitterly disappointed, a painful hand/wrist injury that needed treatment saw me on a waiting list for almost 8 months. After 7 months the pain finally abated and I was able to get it back to normal myself. So I phoned and removed myself from the waiting list, God knows how long I would have had to wait in the end. I'm slightly disillusioned to say the least.

    I find it hard to borrow cook books ... mostly due to the fact that I write in them as I go along ..... something the library would have trouble with I think ;-)

  13. poor tree. glad that's all the damage you had though, the wind was vicious.
    No, you didn't bash the NHS, and I went back and read your comments and didn't see any that suggested you did. If you thought that mine was saying that I won't hear YOU moaning about it, then you misunderstood or I wrote it badly and I apologise. All I meant was I have always been happy with my treatment, but to hear money being wasted is annoying. That's all.