Monday, 16 November 2015

Unexpected visitors

I keep forgetting to do the money saver tips on the right day -Duh - so once again here are 2 ideas for a little bit of money saving that first appeared in 2013.

Tip 15 provoked several comments back then. It is - If you have an answerphone set it on the longest number of rings so you can get to the phone in time to answer and save on calling people back.

Tip 16 - Poundland and 99p shops are not always the cheapest place to buy things, some prices are rounded up to make up for those rounded down! So you need to know the prices of your regular buys.

We were having a quiet Sunday afternoon when there was a knock at the door and a couple we had last seen in 2010, before they went off to work in Australia, appeared out of the blue. They had been regulars on our campsite for many years and there they were with an old caravan towed by a giant Land Cruiser truck which they had shipped back to this country, touring around family and friends before heading off to live in their house in Spain - retiring at the grand old age of 49! There was quite a lot to catch up on including Col's health problems, our house sale and of course their time Down Under. They've pitched on the campsite driveway for a couple of nights.

 This morning I hauled everything out of the roof cupboard to sort out. Why did we still have the frames for 2 gazebos without the covers? Into the scrap box they've gone. There are also some toys - Lego and Brio and a few childrens books. These need packing into new boxes and sealing up before storing somewhere awaiting future grandchildren.

Tennis on TV this afternoon and as the weather is grey and windy I shall settle down and watch.

Thank you for comments yesterday and for some comments I found on older posts
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