Thursday, 8 January 2015

Winter hobbies

It's been a really nasty day here today - with a lot of heavy rain. I've been in the craft room putting together some of the 3D decoupage cards that I cut out the other evening. I love having so many hobbies to do.Today I could choose from knitting dishcloths, cross stitch, paper craft cards, reading, Sudoku, writing a letter and of course doing a blog post. The best thing about all these winter hobbies is that none of them cost a lot of money. I also think having plenty to do is one of the ways to get through winter depression, which can creep up on me sometimes if I'm feeling aimless.

 A first here yesterday ( only about 15 years behind everyone else!) ................. An online supermarket shop. Because Sainsburys sent us some £6 off £30 shop vouchers and we didn't want to go to Ipswich until next month. So I went through my shopping list on My Supermarket comparison site, finding all the things that were cheaper at Sainsburys because they were on offer and ordered several of each. That should see us through until next time they are on offer somewhere. I picked a £1 delivery slot  and saved myself around £18 in total.
The delivery driver was a bit gushy  "Thank you so much for choosing us for you first order etc", I didn't tell him it will be a very rare occurrence and may well never happen again!

Isn't it strange how some things that you send for arrive next day, yet other companies take an age. I'm still waiting for the rubber ring washer thingy for my Kenwood chef liquidiser, ordered nearly a week ago and bulk buys  from the Eco Green Store ordered at the same time, yet the rat bait Col ordered on Tuesday was delivered today.

Thank you to lots and lots of people for comments yesterday. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only person with a list about next Christmas. Thank you to Phyllis Weaving who mentioned that there will be another series of Call The Midwife next year too.

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