Friday, 16 January 2015

Suffolk isn't flat if you are cycling.

This morning I decided to test my fitness by biking to Samundham, although at 2½ miles it is the same distance away as Leiston, there are more ups and downs and no hedges so when it's windy it can be hard work. Luckily not windy today just a bit chilly. On the way home Church Hill in Saxmundham is steep enough when pushing the bike and impossible to cycle up unless you are ultra fit and without a load of shopping.

This is the view that you get after pushing the bike up the hill from town.Our house is near the pylons in the distance, you can just spot a car on the road - it's the B1119  - that winds it's way around some double bends between Saxmundham and where our road turns off. Not too much traffic today on the way there or back.
I only needed milk and some apples from Tescos but I noticed they seem to have brought back more of their value range and had lots of things labelled up at half price. I forgot to look at the Cadburys Cream Eggs to find out what Sue at New Life in the Country was posting about yesterday.

On the way out I noticed the Daily Express - who love their weather headlines - had 

ARCTIC WHITEOUT: Coldest freeze in years on the way as -15C gales blast in

When I got home the postman had brought me a gift and a letter from a friend. She had been bought a subscription to Backwoods Home Magazine ( an American Self-reliant living mag.) by her daughter and had received 2 copies of the Nov/Dec edition so had sent me one.

Col was over the road doing some odd jobs for our neighbour this morning including wrapping up some of her tender plants with bubble wrap. Just  in time if the Express is right.

Thank you To Dawn, Jan, SusanM, Wean, 50 and Counting,Angry Parsnip, Kitty Kitty Weaslefish and Elise for comments yesterday. It's lovely when people say they enjoy the blog - Thank you.

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