Friday, 9 January 2015


 A book finished
I enjoyed this, a book borrowed from the library by an author I've read  previously. It is yet another book using the technique of moving between two different time periods, something a lot of authors seem to do now. In this case it is war time Paris, 1960s Paris and England.

And cards finished
These ( except for the teeny cross stitch top left) are decoupage but the 3D -ness of them is lost in a photo.

So  you can work out from the above that I've not done many other housewifely things today, although I tackled a bit of ironing before I started all the craft stuff.
 A few years back I would have felt guilty about crafting on a week day morning because I used to suffer with depression every winter. Not great big Black Dog depression sitting on my head but just a small one nipping round my ankles! It  made me feel cold and unable to concentrate on things, unable to do anything enjoyable. It's silly really as there's nothing much to do outside so being in the craft room is sensible. Since Col has been home I'm much better - although tablets help too! - he is better at remembering to keep  the fires alight to keep me warm.
Actually he worked outside for a while this morning and has cut back the Alstromeria and one of the shrubs. It was much brighter today although after yesterdays rain the field and chicken runs are back to a mud bath again.

Thanks for lots of comments yesterday, I'm still waiting for my liquidiser seal and the other delivery  and it looks like I'm not getting anymore copies of Home Farmer magazine to review but it was a nice treat while it lasted.

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