Friday, 23 January 2015

More than enough library books?

It was a struggle to bike up the hill home from Friston with our library books today. 17 for me and   the same for Col. My books wouldn't even fit onto one photo.
This is what I will be reading in the next 4 weeks
There is quite a variety here including some that have been around for donkeys years but when someone somewhere mentioned them on a blog I thought they deserved a look. Slight problem with The 3 Cities of Bells, a very old book by Elizabeth Goudge , the print is so small I won't be able to read it. The Elliots Of Damerosehay, also a collected edition of 3 novels seems to have slightly larger print and might be OK. There will be no problem with the third book from the first half of the 20th Century as the only copy the library had of Angela Thirkell book - A demon in the House was in large print.
I'm most looking forward to the Elly Griffiths - The Zig Zag Girl. It is not in her successful Ruth Galloway series but set in the 1950s. Then there is the new one in the Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Series, always a good read. I've borrowed The Gift To Be Simple from the library before, it is just a book of photos of the Amish people. Reading the book I had for Christmas about them  reminded me of it so I ordered it again for another look. Pam Rhodes, presenter of Songs of Praise has written a series of light stories about a new curate, If You Follow Me is the most recent. The Giant book by C.J.Sansom - Lamentation , will take a bit of reading. Then there are a few other crime fiction by authors I know and a new Agatha Christie Poirot story written by Sophie Hannah plus a few Non Fiction including a book by Emma Bridgewater  about her life and her pottery.

I think I will have plenty to read there to keep me entertained even if we were to be snowed in for a month which seems unlikely as we still have had only a few nights below freezing. Although the temperatures close to the coast are often a couple of degrees up on further inland we are always slightly behind with things growing. I notice rhubarb already showing through on a blog from Lincolnshire and my Helebores are still in bud where as Victoria at Angelsey Allsorts had some in flower several days ago.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday.

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