Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Welcome To Anyone Who Wants To Be Anonymous

I was puzzled how some people get masses of comments from mysterious people so I've been fiddling with the blog set-up and found out why I never got any comments from Ms Anonymous.  Have rectified that. Will I get Trolls now? We will see. It can always be undone.

I see from other blogs that many places have had a bit of snow. No sign of any here on the Suffolk coast in fact we had bright sunshine and blue skies here this morning, though it's pretty chilly and strong winds are forecast for tonight.

 Col got the black grease stuff painted around the trunks of the fruit trees, hopefully that will stop a few nasty creatures climbing up to damage the fruit. I used to spend several £ on buying sticky traps that suspend in special hanging things from the trees later in the year. These are meant to show if there is a problem with codling moth,but as we never did any spraying anyway they seemed a bit pointless, so I've not bought any for a few years. We still seem to get some good apple cropping years and some not so good whatever we do so I think it's more down to the weather than anything else.

I needed a picture for today's post so here are the very last of our own tiny tomatoes eaten by Col for his lunch,
 they've been slowly turning red in a tray in the unheated craft room since they were brought in from the poytunnel several weeks back. He's been able to have a few every day, I can't eat fresh tomatoes unless they are the huge pointy ones with virtually no seeds so they've lasted well for him.

I need to bring to your attention something VERY unusual on BBC TV tonight..... Ipswich Town Football Club in a F.A Cup replay against Southampton. A Must Watch for any Suffolk person! I've followed the fortunes ( and there haven't been many of those lately) of ITFC since I was about 13 and some of the members of the team plus publicity people went round all the villages in the summer holidays with a caravan and handed out photos and fixture lists. All the boys were really excited so of course us girls got interested too. For a couple of years afterwards I cut out everything I could from the newspapers and made Ipswich Town football scrapbooks. I didn't actually get to a game until I was going out with a bloke who often went, so I got to go to. It wasn't the done thing in the early 70's for girls to go to football matches without a bloke! At least not in sleepy Suffolk.

 Thank you to Ilona at Life after Money for suggesting a catchy title for yesterdays post, John Gray    ( Going Gently) said that was what he would have said but Ilona got in first - yeah right! And John Wooldridge at Of Brambles and Bears offered himself for helping with breast screening! - There's always one bright spark. I think it would be bad for his knees!

And Finally

Welcome to new Followers Marie on Bloglovin' and  A Few Pennies in the Google list.

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