Friday, 30 January 2015

Frugal Friday and Finding Pleasure in Small Things

I've said it before and no doubt will say it again, but the best way to be frugal is to be happy at home. If you are forever having to go out ( I'm not talking about going to work obviously) just for entertainment then it's bound to end up with money being spent.

We often spend four, five or even six days in a row at home and we both find plenty to keep us occupied. Our reasons for going out are usually to buy milk or fresh fruit and this will be combined with other errands such as paying a bill, sending a parcel, collecting chicken feed or needing an item from the hardware or DIY shop.

Today has been another stay at home, doing things for ourselves and saving money day. Col spent a while trying to find the puncture in the tyre on the mower trailer, cleaned out the small chicken shed, and cut some more of the conifer hedge, he's round the back now on the campsite, doing the sides little by little. I got 3 loaves of bread made, my bread costs less than 30p a loaf, did some cleaning and chopped kindling in between times. The other semi final from the Australian tennis was on 5 Live Extra on the radio so I listened as I worked.We refuse to spend extra on television channels so manage without, there's enough choice for us.

Because we stay at home we can wear old clothes, often from charity shops, we don't need to buy new clothes very often. Because we stay at home we can use the Rayburn for cooking and heating the kettle - we are here to put on our free wood to keep it going. Because we stay at home the washing can dry out on the line - I'm here to get it in if it rains so the tumble dryer doesn't need to be used.
It's good to be happy at home.

Here are the other things that have saved us money in January.

Homemade compost spread around fruit bushes
Biking to town twice instead of driving
Repairing a zip in a pair of jeans
Cutting free wood and kindling for free heat
Eating our own apples( until the 10th) onions,potatoes and beetroot from store. Brussels sprouts,leeks, parsnips and swedes from the garden. Apples,pears,apricots,plums and peppers from the freezer.
Knitting dishcloths
Making Christmas cards from my craft stash
Reading free library books

Finding pleasure from small things in January.

 Mabel -our very shy outside cat - following me all round the field as I go to collect the eggs.
Seeing more of our son and future daughter in law now they are back in Suffolk.
Being able to share ideas for books and lovely comments from strangers and friends on the blog
Crocuses in a pot on the kitchen windowsill.

 Thank you for comments about the books and bookshelves, I will be back with more pictures next week. I had a count up and there are around 50 pictures still to be taken before I get to the end! Forgot to say yesterday that there were 119 books on those shelves and 68 from the day before so the total so far is 307. Yes, seems  we do have over a 1000 books.

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