Saturday, 24 January 2015

Little and Large on my Bookshelves

Sue over at Our New Life In The Country has said that several people have asked her to put pictures of her bookshelves on her blog and I've had a couple of people ask how many books I have. So over the next few weeks I'll be putting  shelf by shelf pictures on here and I'll count them as I go.

I'll start with one book that is too big to fit on a  bookshelf - The Family Bible, laying on top is the smallest book in my collection - a teeny weeny New Testament dating from 1844 with a box of matches so you can judge the size.

 The big Bible was bought by my Great Grandmother ( on my Dads mothers side) for HER father way back in the 1890s. My Dad had it restored several years ago because it was in pretty poor condition. It has some coloured pictures and space to write in Births , Marriages and Deaths. The Bible has been passed down, usually to the eldest of the family so our eldest daughter will be given it sometime before I pop my clogs!
The tiny bible was bought by me for a few pence at a jumble sale sometime in the last 20 years. The name of the owner is written in but is too faded to read but the date is clearer - May 7th 1845. The title page is below. I like the way it says "Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised -By His Majesty's Special Command"

More books next week .

In the meantime

A couple of hours in the kitchen this morning produced a sausage plait ( two days lunches and a dinner, 2 pastry cases - one for the freezer and the other one turned into an apple meringue pie ( Cols desserts for the week), and a saucepan of celery  and onion soup plus I cooked up some dried prunes and defrosted some of our apricots from the freezer ( two of my 5 a day for the week) . In between I hoovered up, cleaned the paintwork around the Rayburn, wiped down the cupboard doors and had a coffee.

Col, meanwhile, had gone up to Ipswich early to meet up with our son ( and give him a lift home) as he had taken his "new" car to a specialist diesel repairer for them to find out exactly whats the matter with it. As the car was cheap it's not so bad that it needs a bit of work. Although the feeling of being mislead by the seller remains.

When  Col got back he started trimming back the conifer hedge( it separates our garden from the campsite). Next time I looked out he was up on top of the campsite toilet block, cutting back some of the hedge that was rubbing on the roof! There's no point in me saying anything about heart attacks etc!

I'm back on dishcloth knitting and cross stitching this afternoon and book reading this evening.

Back soon


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