Thursday, 22 January 2015

The odd thing in the cupboard

How do cupboards, that only have clean things put into them, get so grubby inside?
 I took a pyrex dish out from the bottom of the pile and thought eeewww, this cupboard needs wiping out. So I hauled everything out and got busy with the washing up liquid . Then I looked in the next cupboard and that needed doing too. This cupboard is the corner one, where things that are not used often get shoved to the back. Nearly everything I have in there has come from car boot sales, charity shops and jumble sales including this
rescued  for 50p from a sale down in Friston a couple of years ago , simply because it was so unusual. Then of course into the cupboard it went and there it has stayed. It would make quite a big chocolate sheep!
I don't want to sell it, if I stand it on the dresser it's bound to fall down and break. It's a shame but back in the cupboard it will go.

Col had to go to the doctors this morning so I took the opportunity to do a tour of the charity shops, and actually found a good tea-shirt and a suit/dress cover for putting over my dress that I've found for our eldests wedding later this year.

This afternoon he has had the bonfire with rubbish that's been waiting since the campsite closed. We don't like to have one while we have people on site or when the wind is in the wrong direction. But today the smoke could go for a couple of miles before reaching a house or road. There were bags of sawdust from wood cutting, lots of old paper sacks that the mice had got into and a huge pile of hedgecuttings and non-compostable stuff from the garden.
All gone now.

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