Saturday, 3 January 2015

Talking About Free Heat - Again

I often mention that we are cutting wood and there we were out there again this morning working our way through scrap wood brought in from the cart shed, old pallets collected from a local industrial estate and well seasoned  logs, mostly dead elm from the field hedge and old leylandii from our front boundary.

 During the winter we get through a lot of wood, it has to be the biggest money saver ever! If we move and have to pay heating costs, like the majority of folk, it will come as a terrible shock.

 We've found ways to make moving wood easier.Using the mower trailer is a great help then in the past cut wood was loaded in to a wheelbarrow, brought down to the house, loaded into the two log baskets and carried through to the wood burner and the Rayburn. Now Col perches on a box in the shed, loads it into old feed sacks, which can be brought down two at a time in the wheelbarrow and then carried through to the log baskets and tipped in. Less back bending, less lifting heavy things, just as much dust and wood shavings!
Yesterday Col fixed up his Christmas gifts of rain gauge and sundial, they are not far from the back door in the point of the triangle herb garden. With a lot of rain over night and all day today the rain gauge is already in use, perhaps we will see how the sundial works tomorrow.

I've got back to my winter knitting of dishcloths - which is all I can manage. My F in L told me he used to know an elderly BLIND lady who could knit dishcloths. Thanks for that Dad!

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