Sunday, 4 January 2015

That Jeep has got to go!

The Car Tax form came for the Jeep on Friday, its gone up £15 so now £285. As soon as we've taken the machinery that we won't need anymore, to the sale yard for their collective sale in May we are definitely getting something smaller and cheaper. When I took the money to pay for the tax from the Jeep virtual 'envelope' it only left £15 for any diesel we'll need in the rest of the month. Luckily we filled up on the way home from hospital last week at Tesco - getting 4p a litre off so we may not need anymore anyway.

A beautiful blue sky sunny day today and we had a choice, either get the jeep out of the shed and drive to Aldeburgh for a walk along the prom, get the jeep out of the shed and drive out Snape way for a walk in the forest to pick up fir cones or just walk  from here along the local footpaths. Having read the first paragraph you will know which we choose! We changed plans on where to walk after finding how icy our road was and when we came home and looked on mapometer  ( thank you to whoever posted about this website - it's great fun) we had walked just over 2 miles, not much I know, but after the hardly-a-heart-attack and the pneumonia we are building up slowly!
A Ditch full of running water - the nearest thing we have to a river!
The footpath goes along a private lane to one of the second homes near us.
Years ago we put this sleeper across our ditch so we could get onto our land without going along the road and in the front gateway - just for fun!
Another book finished already and another with a religious background.
The Author lives on the Suffolk/Essex border and has written short pieces for the Church Times for years and years. His friends are often writers and artists and he travels widely. Ronald Blythe is now 92 years old and still preaching and writing.
I've read several of his books, probably the most well known is Akenfield, which was turned into a film using some local people as actors, including a girl who was in the same year as me at school. Ronald Blythe is influenced by John Clare ,a poet who also wrote about the countryside including a long poem called The Shepherds Calender which describes the country people of the time. The last part of the poem - 'December - Christmas' -  has a good description of Christmas in the 1820s.

Talking about Christmas, - today the Christmas cards were turned into tags and shopping list card, with the remainder going in the recycling bin.

Welcome to new followers - Lovely Grey on Google friends and Emily Lockett on Bloglovin'.
Thank you for lots of comments about our wood cutting on yesterdays post. Trishwish asked if we take the nails out of the scrap wood. I said " Good Grief - NO!" it would take forever and a day to remove nails from everything we cut up. Col just fishes the nails out of the Rayburn and woodburner before he lights them in the morning ( we don't keep the Rayburn in overnight unless its really freezing). Sometimes, when we are cutting, he hits a nail with the chainsaw which chucks the chain off and blunts it, so we try to avoid that if possible!

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