Monday, 12 January 2015

Eating out for £1.80

Unless you count our trip to the feed mill and shopping in Leiston, we've been nowhere interesting since the start of the year. So a half day out was called for. My choice is always the same - see the sea and charity shops!

Felixstowe was the destination, with at least 8 charity shops to look round. Unfortunately the charity bookshop was shut for refurbishment, but never mind we went round all the rest.
Nothing wildly exciting found, only useful things and this lot was bought with the change in my purse so I didn't even break into a note.
A new flannel, a new clutch bag ready for the wedding, 2 books also brand new and a cotton top. £4.50  for the lot. The book with the train on keeps coming up on my recommended list on Amazon. So I'm curious to read it, its a crime novel originally written in the 1930s and recently re-published.
 The charity shop with the bright pink clutch purse also had a bright pink fascinator which would have been OK for the wedding if only my hair was long enough to clip it on, and a fascinator with a headband won't work either for the same reason. I may have to have a hat after all. Ha Ha Ha me in a hat is hilarious!

Our meal out for £1.80? Soup from home and a hot sausage roll each from Greggs. Eaten in the car overlooking the grey north sea. We had hoped to walk along the prom after eating but it started raining hard and the wind was blowing a hooley so we came home instead.

Grey north sea and grey sky to match.
Thank you for so many comments yesterday. One day I will share with you my whole collection of Amish and Mennonite books. Angela at Tracing Rainbows suggested The More with Less cookbook which I have plus about 8 other various books collected over the last 20 or so years.
A couple of people from the States mentioned 'puppy mills' which  is what we call puppy farms, where dogs are bred continuously in poor conditions with no thought for their welfare. It seems odd for Amish people to have got into this when they ought to be following the Bible and  caring for all God's creatures.

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