Wednesday, 7 January 2015

To Remember For Next Christmas

Yes I really am looking that far ahead!

I usually make a few notes in the start of my new diary to remind me of what's what, this year I will share them with you.... you lucky people!

  • Look out for wrapping paper at car boot sales
  • No need to buy any Christmas cards  as I have got enough for next year
  • But I want to make some special cards for the family ( Need to search for ideas - cross stitch?)
  • 12 people fit round the dining table but a bit too many for the living room
  • Having everyone here on one day was good, but left no time to chat much
  • The chocolate meringue gateau is delicious but we've had it 2 years running so find something different for next year.
  • I don't need to make Christmas puddings next year - two in the cupboard
  • Might do hampers for sisters and Bros in L? Write down ideas
  • Maybe find another cheap Christmas tree at a car boot as we have so many tree decorations that never get used.
  • Remember to use Scout Post for Ipswich relatives, need to be in Ipswich during first 2 weeks of Dec.
  • Look for small gifts at car boot sales for "tree presents" and maybe cracker fillers
And  I spent a while yesterday evening cutting out some 3D decoupage sheets for making  Christmas cards.
Yep, it's official..........I'm mad!
*    *    *    *    *

One of the last things Col did before the Hardly-a-Heart Attack was to bring home 8 big IBC containers from the factory in Leiston.
He got them cheap as they had so many there with no one wanting them. They are all ones that can't be used again officially because either the frames are too rusty or the taps leak a bit. They've been advertised in the Suffolk Smallholders Newsletter ever since but we've had no phone calls.  Odd really as this is the ideal time for arranging a water catching/storage system before the summer. So today on our way to get a load of chicken feed we dropped 2 off at the sale-yard where they will go in next Mondays Auction. We will see what happens.

*     *     *     *     *     *

 Just seen a trailer for a new series of Call the midwife, I'm looking forward to that as I didn't think they were doing anymore. I missed the Christmas one, probably a good thing as I would have cried my way through the whole programme!

Welcome to Jan, following by Google friends. Hope you enjoy my ramblings from Suffolk.

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